FYI - "Year End Review"

Welcome to this month's FYI. This time around we are going to recap the last eleven months here at, "The World of Myth". There has been a lot happening within, as well as circling around "TWoM", so lets start with...


  • After being stored away for some twenty-plus years, Terry D. Scheerer puts out the first part of, "To Dance with the Dead," as well as participates in the site's first official interview.
  • Movie Goer Grim gives Five Howls of Pleasure for the first time in the site's history.


  • David K. Montoya introduced his first story of,"The End."
  • Also this month was the debut of new writer, L.M. Mercer, with her story, "The Letter."
  • Kevin Magnus won 'Member of the Month,' with "Six Feet Under,"


  • Terry D. Scheerer finishes his three month tale, with the conclusion of, "To Dance with the Dead."
  • MOK introduced his comic strip, "Terrible Toons."
  • After a four month absence, R.C.L. Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren returns to win 'Member of the Month' with her poem, "A Distant Childhood,"


  • The first part of L.M. Mercer's popular series, "The Greenhouse Murders," came out this month.
  • R.C.L. Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren guest hosts April's Movie Reviews.
  • Marvel Comic's Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, is interviewed for the site.


  • Following the release of his short story, "Festival," Terry D. Scheerer takes a few months off from writing, due to health concerns.
  • For the 2nd time, a movie is awarded Five Howls of Pleasure, this time by Reaper Rick.
  • Poet Tony James does the first of his two pieces, entitled "Memories Past."
  • The debut of "FYI - Month in Myth."
  • L.M. Mercer becomes the first person to win back to back, 'Member of the Month' awards.


  • The lead singer of the rock group, " Creepersin," Creep Creepersin himself, contributes a poem, "The Boy in the Rain," and also sat down with our Myth Master for an interview.
  • "Simply Amazing," by Tony James is published.
  • L. Craig Woods wins 'Member of the Month,' with the first installment of a three part story called, "The Empire Chronicles."
  • Final Movie Review from Movie Goer Grim.


  • R.C.L. Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren returns with her poem, "To Awaken Elsewhere".
  • A special interview with Mark Bode is presented.
  • Terry D. Scheerer announces that he has cancer, as well as the forthcoming release of his book, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night."
  • Balcony Betty debuts as Movie Goer Grim's replacement critic.


  • The final installment of, "Empire Chronicles," was released.
  • The only time "The End" came out with back to back episodes in the same issue.
  • Jimmy Palmiotti is interviewed for the site.
  • Official release of Terry D. Scheerer's book, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night."
  • David K. Montoya won 'Member of the Month' for the first time.
  • Poppy debuts with her poem, "He Loves Me."


  • Terry D. Scheerer returns to "The World of Myth" with, "Dead and Ferried," and "Cavern," plus a drawing that offers tribute to his book, entitled, "Dreams."
  • Kevin Magnus uses the "F" word for the first time in the site's history, in his poem, "Life II."
  • Shaddow debuts with her poem, "Tasteless Indifference."
  • First and last time Fan Fiction was posted.
  • David K. Montoya held an interactive interview with the Creature of Myth.


  • Terry D. Scheerer rewrites Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart!"
  • TDS also submits his first poem in NINE months, called, "Halloween."
  • Balcony Betty awarded Five Howls of Pleasure to a movie.
  • David K. Montoya and R.C.L. Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren, team up to do a drawing entitled, "Creature of the Night."
  • Last issue containing the World of Myth Movie Trailers.


  • L.M. Mercer informs readers in the Forum, that "The Greenhouse Murders" end is coming soon.
  • Steve Bolin debuts with his poem, "The Call of the Dead."
  • Readers elect not to replace the Movie Trailers section with sometime new.

    Well, that's it for us this year, here at FYI. So, Happy Holidays and we'll see you in '06!

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