Foresight II By: David K. Montoya


Foresight II
By: David K. Montoya

Captain Walter Rowe knew that things had taken a turn for the worse when he saw his partner's decapitated body lying on the floor of the elevator. "Ah,Christ," Rowe cried, as he ran up to the corpse. "Dammit Johnny, not you too?"

All at once he was unable to stand. Dropping to his knees, the aged captain began to weep. Johnny had been a long time friend; he never meant to put him in any sort of danger. Rowe had thought that having his friend watch over the girl would be an easy assignment, not something that would get him killed.

Only a few hours ago, the two men were talking about their upcoming retirement. Johnny was down to his last two weeks and was looking forward to it. As for Rowe, he still had a good couple of months left. They had planned to go on their separate adventures, but now none of that would happen.

All the captain could do was grieve over his fallen friend, and feel the heavy burden of guilt for his actions. Finally, as he regained his composure, the Captain got back to his feet and rushed from the elevator, passing the other officers that were standing behind him. He could not believe this was happening, not in his own prison, not after being so close to retirement.

Rowe had been with Valley State Prison for seventeen years. He had started his career as a prison guard there. Now he was the captain of the penitentiary, second in rank only to the warden himself.

But none of that mattered for the moment. Prisoners and guards alike were turning up viciously murdered. Five people had been found dead in the last seven hours, which equaled one person dying every hour and a half.

Everyone was on edge and the tension was so thick, it could be cut with a knife, because no one had any clue as to the identity of the killer. One thing at least was certain; it could not be one of the inmates. They all had been locked-down tight with no way in nor out, although that could be exactly what the murderer wanted.

"Captain. The lower levels have been cleared," one of the guards said, while running up to Captain Rowe. "We think that the suspect is traveling--"

"Up. " The captain interrupted. "That son of a bitch is gonna run out of room to hide! And then we got him right where we want him!"

"But we still don't know who the suspect is, Captain," the guard said.

"Has the head count on the prisoners come back?"

The guard nervously relied, "Yes, sir, everyone is accounted for. "

"You're kidding. How in the hell is that possible?"

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About the Author

David K. Montoya has been writing for nearly 15 years and during that time has produced some 200 underground comics, including "M-Team," "Ayotnom," "The Hunters-Xydus," "Lifesigns," "Smash," and continues to work on the upcoming graphic novel, "Underground to Nowhere." Along with producing his current run of poems, short stories and serials, he also did the artwork and dialog for the soon to be released, "Smash, Special Edition."
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