Welcome to the 2nd anniversary of The World of Myth. In the first draft of this message, I was going to talk about how great and wonderful we are--which I still plan on doing--but I want to talk a little about before the The World of Myth became what it is now.

The World of Myth first debuted as a web comic site called, The World of the Dark Myth, at on May 3rd, 2003. It was a small dinky web site that mainly I ran, and by June of 2004, I was burned out and closed the site altogether.

Shortly thereafter I left the world of comics, and have never gone back into it like before. I wanted to be known as a real writer, because being a comic book writer in this part of the world is not viewed as a true author.

So I started working on short stories, but it was nothing serious. A few weeks later I was told there was a guy who worked in the same hospital where I worked, and he was a writer. I tracked him down and he introduced himself as Terry D. Scheerer.

I told him I had heard he was a writer, which earned me a slight chuckle and the response of, "Something like that." So we talked about writing and how I had just given up comics to begin writing short stories and maybe someday even a novel.

A few days later he let me read a few of his stories and I knew right away that he was as talented as I had heard, possibly even more so. I eventually worked up the guts to ask if he would read over a short that I had just finished. Scheerer was kind enough to review it as well as edit my story, and after he was finished I realized that I had a LOT to learn in the area of writing. Soon after that I asked if he would assist me in learning this new medium, and to my surprised he agreed.

As luck would have it, I wanted to get back into doing web sites again. But this time I did not want to do an e-comic (on-line comic books), but instead build a site dedicated to new writers like myself who needed a place to hone their skills, and at the same time display their work for a general audience to critique as well as enjoy. But I needed an Editor in Chief to help me run this new brainchild, since I knew that I did not have the full knowledge to run something of this nature, and of course I knew exactly who my choice was going to be.

The following day I asked Terry about his thoughts on putting together a site like I had in mind, but I did not ask him about the Editor in Chief spot right away. I wanted to hear his thoughts on the idea, first. He liked the concept, although he had a few ideas on how to make it better, such as adding a poetry section and some other things which might appeal to the readers.

Eventually I asked Scheerer if he be interested in accepting the Editor in Chief position I had opening up for the web site. He told me that he would be more than happy to do so, as long as he could contribute to it himself. We developed the site for a month or so and on September 6, 2004, the World of Myth was born! I changed IP carriers and left for the .Tk site, so our new address was That first month we raked in a little over two hundred hits and Terry won the first ever "Member of the Month" honors with his story, "Between the Moon and Mars".

And can you believe that was two years ago? You know, in that first issue, other that a couple of pieces of art from Rebecca C. Lofgren, Chief Scheerer and I did everything else; we started with only three people contributing to the site.

Today, we have in the neighborhood of fifteen full time contributors as well as a handful of casual submitters, and we have made our permanent home. Plus, we are expecting at least three thousand visitors to stop by this month for our anniversary issue. So yes, a lot of things have changed in the last few years, but since our first issue was posted one thing that has stayed the same is the passion and hard work we put into this magazine every month.

So in closing, I would like to sincerely thank:
Kevin Adams
Balcony Betty
Mark Bode
Steve Bolin
Caesar Castro
Lai Chi Chono
Creep Creepersin
Sarrana De Wylde
Josh Drier
Janet Durbin
Moviegoer Grim
Brad Grochowski
Samuel Hayne
Tony James
Adam Janus
Rebecca C. Lofgren
Ellen Lynch
Kevin Magnus
L.M. Mercer
Mike Paglia
Reaper Rick
Jessica Rinaldo
Apryl Rogers
Alan Russo
Michael Sauve
Terry D. Scheerer
Allen Speakman
Tyler Tichelaar
Sara Wilson
L. Craig Woods
And Jeff Young.

But most of all I want to thank each and every one of you who stop by and enjoy our hard work every month. We would be nothing without you guys, our readers!

So here's to year number three; we are already plotting and planning, but most of all striving to produce the best on-line magazine for all of you to…


David K. Montoya
Owner and Wanna be Contributor

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