When Angels Cry by Jeff R.Young


When Angels Cry
By: Jeff R.Young

Have you ever seen an angel cry?
The tears they pour like rain.
A lighting flash is but a blink,
In expression of the pain.

Have you ever heard an angel scream?
The sound is wrapped in fright.
Itís a snap of thunder rolling through,
To steal silence from the night

Have you ever felt an angelís breath?
It is tempered by the scream.
The blustery wind comes sailing past,
Like currents in some stream.

I know I have seen these things,
And it breaks my heart in two.
I know I have seen an angel cry,
When the tears they fall from you.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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