Midnight Terror by Jeff R.Young


Midnight Terror
By: Jeff R.Young

I hear them--

They echo through my mind;

        fear within,

        let the screams begin,

        and my blood is chilled in kind.


I see them--

I can not make out a face;

        try to shout,

        no voice comes out,

        and my heart begins to race.


I fear them,

I can't escape this dream;

        try to waken,

        the grip has taken--

        will others hear my scream?


I lose them--

How quickly moves the sight;

        I soon awake,

        deep breaths I take--

        just a terror in the night.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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