Ah, Dude. By: David K. Montoya


Ah, Dude.
By: David K. Montoya

I was on my way out of town when Brian (an old high school buddy of mine) called. At first it was small talk between us but I had a Five Fifteen flight and did not have time for the conversation, so I cut straight to the chase.

"Dude, I need to bounce--was there a particular reason you called?" I asked him.

"Uh, y-yeah dude…actually there was," he replied in a very sheepish tone.


"Well, what dude?" Brian asked.

"What do you want dude? I got to be at the airport in twenty minutes so I don't have all day," I said as I picked up my travel bag and shrugged my shoulders at my girlfriend who was becoming increasingly impatient.

"Uh, well dude…uh, do you have any herb?” he finally asked after dancing around the question for some time.

"Good grief, dude, is that all you wanted?"

"Yeah, so can I come over to your place and get the goods?" Brain asked in a high toned, nasal sounding voice.

"No, dude, I'm bouncing," I said as I was about to hang up the phone.

"Dude," he said in a depressed tone.

"Okay, look; fly by Grammie's house. In the kitchen above the stove is a cupboard where she keeps all of her extra spices.”

"Yeah, then what dude?" my stoner friend asked with a hint of excitement back in his voice.

"In the very back of the cupboard there’s a container where I keep my emergency supply. Take it and leave the money with Grammie—just tell her you owe it to me for the herbs. Can you do that dude?"

"Yeah, dude, for sure."

I finally hung up the phone and my girlfriend and I were off to Las Vegas. We had an amazing weekend. I won a couple hundred bucks, while my girlfriend got to see her favorite singer's last performance in Sin City.

When we got back that Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to find six messages on the answering machine. All of them were from Brian. He was all excited about the herb he had picked up from Grammie's. After listening to the messages I called my girlfriend over to hear to them for her self.

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About the Author

David K. Montoya has been writing for nearly 15 years and during that time has produced some 200 underground comics, including "M-Team," "Ayotnom," "The Hunters-Xydus," "Lifesigns," "Smash," and continues to work on new upcoming projects
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