The Wolf’s Heart by Jeff R.Young


The Wolf’s Heart
By: Jeff R.Young

The howl of the wolf is clear,
And echoes with things to fear.
It speaks of loneliness deep inside,
As if all it knows has left or died.

Soon an answer comes along,
Another lone wolf's haunting song.
It floats into a moonless sky,
To add itself to the other's cry.

Added in is now another,
Whose hollowed cry is like no other.
It seems to call the others back;
Is this the leader of their pack?

Then the night is filled with sound,
As howls come from all around.
Loneliness seems so absurd,
When so many voicecs can be heard.

I was the first wolf, back in time,
But you added in your voice to mine.
It was then that I could see,
You offered to be a part of me.

Now I howl to the night,
Letting it know that all is right.
Our hearts have brought us close together,
And I offer you mine, always and forever.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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