Broken Wind by Jeff R.Young


Broken Wind
By: Jeff R.Young

It rolls across the sky as a predator searching,
A storm of passion forever lurking.
A destructive force entwined with lust,
It changes all with every gust.

It moves with a hunger one could never feed,
For no one thing sustains its need.
If one is stuck inside its path,
You will wither to its wrath.

A storm rages like an irate beast,
Consuming all in a ravaged feast.
It blows on through leaving nothing whole,
Extinguishing the light within my soul.

This relentless storm of loneliness.
Creates a path of worthlessness.
And now its turned its eyes to you,
There is one thing left for me to do.

I stand in front and throw my arms out wide,
With no fear of death or broken pride.
I take my place to be your shield,
My warrior heart will never yield.

The storm now slams us with a powerful crash,
Your hand in mine we accept the lash.
We are one and we shall win,
Our hearts together will break this wind.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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