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Featured Writer
Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon was in born Columbus, Georgia, in 1965. She is a best-selling and award-winning American author. Under her own name she is known for her paranormal romance and vampire chronicles. Under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor she is also well known for her historical romance novels. Kenyon's novels have an "international cult following," with over ten million copies in print in twenty-six countries. Under both names, her books have appeared on the top ten of the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today lists, and they are frequent bestsellers in Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Her web site averages 120,000 visitors per week, and they come from over forty countries.

In 1997, just as her web work began to pay well, Kenyon began dreaming up the details of a pirate novel. Her agent did not like the proposal and declined to continue working with her. Despite that disappointment, Kenyon determined to send her proposal off by herself, sending the story to a single editor, another former agent who had recently been hired by Harper. That editor asked to see her story, and within a week had offered a three book contract. This book was very different from her previous works, so she chose to use a pseudonym, Kinley MacGregor, which is the maiden name of her great-grandmother.

Even as Kenyon submitted her Kinley MacGregor manuscripts, she continued to work on her vampire stories. On the urging of her editor, she contracted with a new agent in 1999. This agent was very interested in the vampire stories, and soon found a home for them at St. Martin's Press.

Her most famous works are her Hunter-Legends stories, which comprise the Dark-Hunters. Some titles of this series are Seize the Night, Kiss of the Night, and Night Pleasures-Were-Hunters and Dream-Hunters series. The books focus on an ancient "Pyramid of Protection that the ancient Greek gods formed to protect the human race from supernatural predators and to protect the order of the universe." Many of the first Dark-Hunter heroes first appeared to Kenyon when she was writing fantasy stories for herself in high school. In the mid 1980s, while working for a small science fiction magazine called Cutting Edge, her boss asked her to write a long-running serial for the magazine. She brought many of her favorite characters from her previous fantasies into one larger series. This was the start of the Dark-Hunter world. In this series, which has now been percolating for over twenty years, Kenyon has created an entire universe, the rules of which are maintained solely in her head.

Kenyon owns only three pieces of clothing that are not black (a white chemise for Renaissance fairs and two pairs of jeans). She describes her personal style as "Goth," and claims that she dresses this way because her mother refused to buy her a black velvet dress when she was in first grade. Once she got a job at age fifteen and had the money to buy her own clothes, Kenyon has chosen to purchase no other color.

Currently she lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and three sons.

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