To the readers and onlookers of ‘The World of Myth’.

Who would have ever thought that when we launched our little on-line magazine nearly five years ago, it would grow into a large publication where creator and reader alike would be welcomed into a new community—a haven for those who enjoy literary arts. We’ve had fantastic ups, as well as our share of downs over the years, but through it all The World of Myth remained the same.

Sure, we changed the look a bit over the years, but you always knew you could find stories, poetry, art, and a review of some sort within its pages. Contributors changed though out the years, as well. People came and went—always welcome to return when they were ready. Over time the magazine became ever evolving, growing bigger and becoming better with each issue that we published. It became a gathering ground for people on the web, where people could share ideas and openly express their thoughts. The World of Myth literally became a world of fantasy, horror and everything in between, where readers and contributors alike came to get away from the real world.

We all had so much fun here. Over time, each of you began to feel like family and an inner circle of friends, but unfortunately it is now time to say good-bye. And in closing, we present you with the final issue of the on-line version of our e-zine, but I ask each of you not to be remorseful.  This is because The World of Myth is not dead; it is just being moved to a different medium. 2M Magazine will set forth soon, and it will continue to have the things you loved about The World of Myth in it as well.

So, I hope to find all of you in the pages of the new magazine, but for now, grab a cold drink, put your feet up and enjoy the final issue of The World of Myth.

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya

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