Hello to all the Readers of The World of Myth!

Many of you may not know that as of November 26, 2010, L. Alan Russo Jr., reverted Dark Myth Production Studios back to me due to his inability to fulfill our contract of sales. So, I am happy to report that I am once again the Owner and Chief Executive Officer for this company!

There is no time for celebration though. I am faced with reviving this company from months of poor management and corporate power struggles. I will do some overhauling; it has become the ‘norm’ for Dark Myth.

I am pleased to announce that Terry D. Scheerer has accepted my offer to return as the company's President and Editor in Chief for both Dark Myth Publications and Horrotica Online Magazine!

Another thing that I am happy to announce is that Mr. Bolin and his crew have agreed to stay on with The World of Myth Magazine! Steve has been working hard with his staff to revive the magazine we all know and love, as they add in new and exciting material for all of our enjoyment! We will attempt to pick up where we left off in 2008, when all was right with the company.

I see good things in the future, but this will take time and effort. While you (the reader) will not see most of the undertaking that will go on from “Behind the Scenes,” please know that we all are working hard to continuously improve not only the magazine, but the overall company as well.

Also, I am excited to announce that we will be implementing a new membership awards club through MythMart. Anyone who signs up, whether an employee or reader, will receive a 10% discount for every order they make through MythMart!

That is a continuing savings for as long as we produce material!

I am also in the works to bring Non-Dark Myth related items into MythMart; books from your favorite authors will be available by sometime next year!

In closing, I would again like to thank each of you for reading this commentary, and hope you enjoy the ride as we move toward major changes within Dark Myth Production Studios to secure our place in the publishing world for another eighteen plus years!

With Respect,

David K. Montoya
Owner & Chief Executive Officer
Dark Myth Production Studios

P.S. If you are interested in reading the full “State of the Company” address CLICK HERE.

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