Hey everyone, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. So where do I start in this edition of "Dave Montoya rambles on aimlessly about crap that no one really cares about?" Well, that's currently the running title, but subjected to Change. LOL! It's been a couple of months since I last talked with everyone, so let's see what's new since then.

Dark Myth Comics

Dark Myth Comics is has just ended its campaign for the S.g.t. Iron: Lost in Place one-shot. It was a great run and I want to thank everyone who purchased a copy and making it our second biggest seller in the history of our company! But, with that we are changing gears a bit, for the 2011 year Dark Myth Comics are looking into solely producing graphic novels, one that we are currently working on pays homage to the ole comics of the 1940's and 50's. While we are still hammering out the details, the working title for this project is Chronicles of the Unknown . The Dark Myth Comics crew is currently putting together our big event for our twentieth anniversary next year—more to come as it develops.

Dark Myth Publications

Dark Myth Publications' newest book The World of Myth Anthology: Volume II ,' is due out by March and you'll be able to find it at fine places such as Barnes and Nobles , Amazon , and of course Myth Mart or the publication site itself. It is truly a great read and if you haven't pick up a copy please do and remember while you are there if you pick up a copy of Terry D. Scheerer's book, " Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night ," shipping and handling is free!

Then following the release of The World of Myth Anthology: Volume II, Dark Myth will see its next release for the year written by Terry D. Scheerer titled, Dragon Hunters and Other Fantasy Tails . A fantastic book filled with Scheerer's most memorable fantasy stories and some never released to the public until now!

The World of Myth Magazine

The biggest buzz around here at TwoM is the coming of our biggest milestone to date for this magazine. In September we will not only be celebrating our Seventh year of publication, but it will also be The World of Myth's Fiftieth issue! I would like to take the time to invite everyone who has ever contributed to the magazine to return and join us in the celebration.

Horrotica Online Magazine

Horrotica Online Magazine has just released its new issue, as Mr. Scheerer and his group continue to push the limits and are receiving high praise for his efforts.

On a personal note, I will be away for the duration of this month, as my family and I are packing up and heading back home to California. So if there is anyone who needs to get a hold of me, please contact Chief Bolin or President Scheerer (who both can contact me), as I won’t have access to my email until late February. Any who, that's it for me. So to everyone that reads this, thanks for stopping by and continuing to support!


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