By: David K. Montoya

If you are a fan of The World of Myth Magazine, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of issue fifty. Lord knows I am. You see, each year that passed not only marked a milestone for this magazine but for our company as well. If I can borrow Reaper Rick’s ‘way-back machine,’ I would like to take all of you on a journey through the past seven years and fifty issues of The World of Myth Magazine.

This story actually starts in 2002 (two years before the birth of TWoM). It came as an idea from, then Chairwoman, Rebecca C. Lofgren. At the time, our company was struggling from the post 9/11 era and it was her idea to incorporate short stories in the mix. That was our equivalent to the U.S. Moon Landing; “One small step for us; one giant step for the company’s future.” Before that, the company had never ventured out from the comic book medium.

Fast forwarding to 2003, we launched what was called The World of Dark Myth. It was now called an e-zine. Much like the previous year, the magazine was a mixture of online comics and short stories. It was about that time when I noticed a trend in the company: short stories were becoming more popular than the online comic books. I realized the new direction that I wanted to take the company, but first I needed to find someone to be the Editor in Chief. I could edit a comic book script in my sleep, but short stories were much more complex and I knew I didn’t have those skills.

I was employed at the Hospital that at the time and had a friend who worked with me. He was a writer and editor and knew more about short stories than I did about comic books. Knowing I would see Terry D. Scheerer that night, I created a proposal to offer him the job. I was so excited; I knew he’d say yes. After all, it was something he loved and talked about quite often. I knew I had this in the bag.

“Thanks for thinking of me first, Dave, but I’m going to have to pass,” was the answer I first got from Terry. This sent my mind spinning; I didn’t have a second choice for the job. I badgered him for another week before I gave up. Not long afterwards, he called me at home and asked if I still wanted him as Editor in Chief of this new magazine. I was so excited, I damn near messed myself. I told him “of course” and a few days later we started working on the first issue of what would be known as World of Myth.

The first issue was created mainly by Terry and I, with a couple of outside contributors for poems and art. On September 4th 2004, we launched the magazine at That month we opened to a little over two hundred readers.

I remember during issue two, we got hacked and some jokester thought it would be funny to delete everything (from that day on, I made sure I had a backup copy ready at all times). In issue eight we added “The’” to World of Myth and, with an average of two thousand hits per issue, the magazine moved from “.tk” to “.com.”

From that point on, the magazine continued to grow through numerous ups and downs. As the owner of this magazine, I was blessed to have worked with many truly talented people. I want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our current Editor in Chief, Steve Bolin. This is Steve’s final issue as he is retiring as an editor in order to devote more of his time to writing. He has been a blessing to not only the magazine, but to me as well. Steve has stepped up to the plate with passion, integrity and loyalty. We have been honored to have his services and I have been blessed as well to have formed lifelong friends with Steve and his family.

With that in mind, I would like to thank each and every submitter who has ever posted anything to “TWoM!” A special thanks go out to our continuing contributors who, month after month, post their work for thousands of readers to read, all for free. Without you guys, none of this would be possible!

So the big question is, “How are we going to top last year?”

Aside from the vast selection of stories, artwork and poetry presented over the past 12 months, we have been witness to great efforts like the launch of our add-free interactive Forum, the debut of our Science Fiction section, along with our Video Game Retrospective column! And let’s not forget our Author Search, where you can quickly and easily locate past publications of your favorite writer, poet or artist. Most of these improvements were the result of Steve’s creative suggestions, but more positive changes are on the way.

It is going to be very difficult to make this coming year bigger and better, BUT we will! We will do it with new sections, a new store featuring books, CDs, DVDs and comics, along with many other surprises that we have planned for you!

So, last year was great and, to take a page out of our movie reviews’ hand book, I give our effort Four Howls of Pleasure, but here’s to next year and a full-on fabulous Five!

Thank you all for your continuing support!

With Respect,

David K. Montoya
Chief Executive Officer & President
MythWurks Corporation LLC.

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