Welcome to "World of Myth's" FYI. This month we will continue to look into the development of the highly anticipated comic, "Underground to Nowhere".

As Issue One moves along the production line, we were able to catch up with the people who are making it happen and find out where things stand. What we have learned is that David Montoya is making headway with the artwork and is said to be preparing the first batch of penciled art (consisting of pages 1-8), to be sent to Rebecca Lofgren, which she will begin inking.

Plus, Terry D. Scheerer has been working on the cover for Issue '1A' and after the public display of his artistic abilities in last month's Art Gallery with, "Sky Castles", as well as his contribution to this issue, we are all anxious to see what he has in store for us.

Eletrik Lettering Ltd. has run a series of demo tests on its new font, to see how well the font will look once it is in print. After the assessment was finished, the new font was given a 'green light' and approved for printing. The next set of trials was set to be run the last week of February. This will determine how well the font does with a multicolor layout.

Developmental issues continue to be explored now that the choice has been narrowed down to just two printing companies, both of whom are willing to print in a four color format, which means the comic could end up coming out in full color. The major problem with this option is price. Printing in anything other than black and white is much more costly, but the producers have stated they do not want the fact that the comic may be printed in color to skyrocket consumer prices. And remember, the producers already have a tentative price in mind.

And, while production on Issue One moves toward the quarter-way point, Issue Two has slowly been set into motion. The script has officially been finished and there is a preliminary read through on this draft scheduled to be done in the first week of March. After that, it will be handed over to Scheerer to start his editing and by the time drawing stages begin on Issue Two, the first comic in this series should be completely finished.

So, that's all the info we have for you this month. Check back in the next issue of "World of Myth" to find out when the comic will be available for our readers to preorder a signed copy of "Underground to Nowhere"!

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