The Reaper's Call by Laura Hughes


The Reaper's Call
Laura Hughes

I hear the reaper calling.
It's a terrifying sound.
There is no use in stalling,
because his powers have no bound.

As I lie here listening,
all alone in my bed.
Sweat is just glistening.
Is this all in my head?

I'm not sure what to do.
Can I even put up a fight?
His call is some sort of woo.
Is there no end to his might?

There is nowhere to run to,
and nowhere for me to hide.
What can I possibly do
to escape this fear inside?

He seems to be getting near,
his call is just blaring.
There is no escape I fear,
I can feel his eyes glaring.

I hear the call of the reaper.
It can't be anything less.
As I seem to sink deeper
into his nothingness.

He seems to be taking me,
I haven't any clue where.
And as far as I can see,
he has me trapped in despair.

Can anyone save my soul
from this torturous ending?
Begging God to make me whole,
since time in Hell I'll be spending.

About the Author

Laura Hughes is a writer/poet born in Memphis, Tennessee, now residing in West Tennessee. She's a high school graduate who began writing poetry at the age of eighteen, after being diagnosed with Schizo–Affective Disorder. Using her writing as a form of therapy to help with issues her illness caused.

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