Hello! This is David K. Montoya and welcome to this month's edition of ,"For Your Information", or as we have all come to know it, "FYI". This month, there are a few important things I would like to go over with all of you. So, I gave the Myth Master the month off (well, the month off from the FYI section--he conducted the interview, this month), so we can go over these events, personally.

One thing I would like to discuss is the name change. As of now, we are no longer known as the "World of Myth". Our new name is "The World of Myth". I understand that simply adding "THE" to the title may not be a big issue to you, but this is a very important change, because the new "THE" will be the defining factor between US and the competition. We are "THE World of Myth", the originals, the founders--the real deal! Please remember, if it doesn't have a "THE" before it, it isn't US!

The next important thing, which was mentioned in the Introduction this month, is that we at "The World of Myth" are leaving the .TK administration. We would all like to thank the .TK crew for everything, but "The World of Myth" is growing at an unbelievable rate and has outgrown the limited .TK administration in our first eight months. So, with that being said, we are now free of any outside influence, which means that we do not have to abide by anyone's rules but our own. By next month, we will be at our new address,! We want to thank all of our readers for their continued support, because without you, we wouldn't have been able to make this jump. THANK YOU!

On a side note, I should tell you that of right now, the site for my comic venture, "Underground to Nowhere" (, will continue with the .TK community. And, the movement to a dot com will not effect the U2N (Underground to Nowhere) site. But, the following sites will be rerouted to the dot com site:, and

And, while we're on the subject of "Underground to Nowhere", I should give you a brief update. In March, the artist known as MOK signed on to do touch up work on the comic. He was able to add to my pencil sketches and turn up some of the scenes a notch. Also, if you check out the U2N site this month, you will be able to see the first five pages of the comic, along with the cover!

And, finally, we will be holding a contest and one lucky winner will walk away with a FREE, SIGNED copy of "Underground to Nowhere"! Interested? Good. This is how you can play. Just go to the Forum on "The World of Myth" site and post at least one comment or question during the next three months. That's all you have to do! We will pull a three digit number from out of nowhere and if it matches the first three numbers of your IP signature, you win! It's that simple! During the September 12th Anniversary issue, we will announce the winner of the drawing.

Okay, so that's it for this month's "FYI". Next month, the Myth Master will return to give you more info on "Underground to Nowhere", as well as other news from around here at "The World of Myth". Thanks again, to ALL of you out there. Keep reading!

David K. Montoya
President & Chairman
The World of Myth

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