Interview with L. Alan Russo Jr.
By: Myth Master

"That's a wrap!" rang out in the Arkansas woods late one evening in May, 2000. After seven weeks of shooting, director and co-writer L. Alan Russo, Jr. would finish his latest film, a psychological thriller entitled, "Body Bag". In this movie, people start turning up dead in a small southern suburb and police rush around trying to figure out who the mysterious killer is, before he can strike again.

This was Russo's big return to directing, following a two year hiatus, after the release of his 1998 film, "Whore House Horrors". "Body Bag" was said to be Russo's career defining movie, since he had never done a psycho-thriller before this film.

Russo had made a few changes since releasing "Whore House Horrors". For one thing, he had never before filmed in color and felt it was tradition to do his movies in black and white--that was, until "Body Bag". In addition, he had always developed and written the scripts for his movies solely on his own, but that would all change with his latest production, as he brought on a co-writer (who, by the way, was our own David K. Montoya), as well as a script consultant for this film.

Now, five years after the release of "Body Bag", we had a chance to sit down and talk (via telephone) with writer/director and producer L. Alan Russo, Jr., while he was on location in Chicago, working on his latest untitled film. We were also able to find out what he has been up to since he finished "Body Bag".

So, here is the Myth Master, speaking with L. Alan Russo, Jr.

M.M.. Mr. Russo, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us.

Russo. You're welcome.

M.M.. It's been five years since you did the movie, "Body Bag". How does it feel, five years later?

Russo. Great. I couldn't be more excited. I can't believe it's been five years. It's really hard to believe.

M.M.. What did you like most about that movie?

Russo. Huh, that's a tough one. The whole thing--but if I had to choose, I'd say the plot twists.

M.M.. What was the most memorable event working on that movie?

Russo. Every night. (Laughs) The fun, and that feeling you get at three o'clock in the morning.

M.M.. There has been a rumor floating around, about you doing a remake of the film (Body Bag). Is there any truth in that?

Russo. No! Of course not. Why rework a masterpiece.

M.M.. A long time ago, when New Blood Films had a web site, it was mentioned on the site that "Body Bag" was the first part of a trilogy. Are there still plans to do a trilogy or has that idea been dumped?

Russo. There are still plans, but in due time.

M.M.. Have you worked on anything, since "Body Bag"?

Russo. Yes, a few projects here and there, but nothing special and I don't want to go into any detail about them right now.

M.M.. Are you ever going to reopen a 'New Blood Films' web site?

Russo. Maybe, someday. I have been just too busy to think about that right now. When I have time to do it, I will.

M.M.. So, why has 'New Blood Films' been so quiet in the last few years? The last thing that came out of the 'NBF' camp was the plan to join the Danx Corporation back in 2002.

Russo. I have been busy working on non-related projects.

M.M.. Speaking of the Danx Corporation; you were going to push out a 'SMASH', animated movie when you were with them. Any chance of that still happening?

Russo. I haven't decided yet. I've been thinking about doing a 'live action', instead of an animated movie. There are so many avenues that can be explored with that brand--we'll just have to wait and see.

M.M.. And while I'm thinking about 'SMASH'--which is celebrating its fifth anniversary as well--there had been talk coming out of Dark Myth Comics of finally producing the comic version of 'SMASH'. Are you involved in that?

Russo. Very much so. I was the co-plotter of the comic, as well as co-wrote the following issues.

M.M.. Last question. Shoot straight now. Is 'New Blood Films' dead?

Russo. No, not one bit. Just because I've been away from the public eye does not automatically mean that I am nearing bankruptcy or going out of business. 'NBF' is alive and well--nuff said on that.

M.M.. Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us. So, in closing, would you like to leave the readers with something?

Russo. Hmm. Be prepared to see something interesting to come out of 'New Blood Films'.

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