Interview with Creep Creepersin
By: Myth Master

Hey, everyone. It's the Myth Master here and we have a special guest with us today--the lead singer and songwriter for the band, 'Creepersin'. So, let's all welcome Creep Creepersin himself to the Interview Box.

M.M. Well, may I call you 'Creep' or would you prefer something else?

C.C. (Smiles) That's fine.

M.M. All right. To begin with, our readers might be curious to know where the name of your band came from.

C.C. The name came from an incident that happened some time ago. I had done something really gross and a friend said, "That's a Creep Creepersin from Creepsville" and I thought that was the funniest thing I ever heard. When I needed a catchy name for our band, that incident came to mind and it stuck.

M.M. I understand your band's first CD was released a couple of months ago. How are sales going?

C.C. Better than I had expected. Much better outside of California, actually. A lot of sales are coming from the web site, as well.

M.M. Speaking of your web site, I visited it not too long ago and saw some of the pictures of you and the band that are posted. Uh, just what kind of music does your group play?

C.C. I guess you could call it, 'Horror Rock', although I'm not sure what we do really has a name. It's a sound that has evolved from both Goth and Punk rock.

M.M. I hear your album is getting quite a bit of air play on college radio stations in the midwest and back east. Any chance we might be hearing you on the radio out here in the west?

C.C. We are getting air time in San Diego and on college stations in Southern California, as well as farther north in Bakersfield, Central California and as far north as Portland Oregon.

M.M. Great. What do you think has influenced your music, now and in the past?

C.C. More than anything else, I have always been a huge fan of the golden age of movies--from the 1930s. More recently, the 'Misfits' and '45 Grave'.

M.M. You have also posted a poem to 'The World of Myth' site this month. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your writing, both poetry and song lyrics.

C.C. I guess that would be a cross between Edgar Allan Poe and directors Tim Burton and David Lynch. Every time I see something by David Lynch, I just want to start writing.

M.M. Your album, 'The Rise of Creepersin', has some interesting songs on it. May I assume that you are also a fan of the late director, Ed Wood, judging from the song title, 'Proceed with Plan 9'.

C.C. Definitely. Definitely. Even though 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' may have been the worst movie ever made, Ed Wood has gotten some great press from it over the years. I just wish I could get that kind of coverage.

M.M. What about the song, 'To Dance with the Dead'? Is it true you 'borrowed' that title from a story by the same name, written by our own, Terry D. Scheerer?

C.C. (Laughter) No, absolutely not.

M.M. I was just kidding. I heard that song actually came to you one night when you were at Disneyland, while on 'The Haunted Mansion' ride.

C.C. That's right. I had been very depressed at the time and while on that ride, it broke down and we were stuck for about fifteen minutes or so, right in front of the big ballroom, where all the ghosts were dancing. They looked so happy, you know, enjoying themselves while they danced around and I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be dead. Anyway, that's where the idea for that song came from.

M.M. I know 'Creepersin' has been playing a number of live shows in the Southern California area. Will you be doing any long range tours, as well?

C.C. We have a chance to go on tour this summer, but for sure we'll be out in October. The summer tour would be through the northwest--Oregon, Washington, Idaho, then down to Nevada and finally California, including dates in San Francisco and Orange County. The October tour will be back east, in New York and New Jersey.

M.M. Great. What can fans expect to hear from 'Creepersin' in the near future?

C.C. There are a couple of major record labels looking at us and we are dying to record another album. Some of our music is also on a compilation album called, 'The Horror of it All--Volume One'. That's in stores now, but you might have to look around for it. We also did the soundtrack for a European horror flick a while back. We're waiting for that to come out on DVD.

M.M. There is a link set up here on 'The World of Myth' site that will take readers directly to your band's web site. What will our readers expect to see there?

C.C. Well, there are pictures of the band, some from our live shows, as well as downloads of the EP--four songs from the album and lots of fun stuff. They can chat with members of the band and of course there is lots of cool merchandise to buy, including copies of the album. It's always a growing process and we change things around a lot.

M.M. All right. We want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers before we go?

C.C. Yeah. I plan to have a book of my poetry published in time for Christmas and I've also done some solo acoustic recordings, which are available at ><. The songs can be downloaded, if you want. And thanks for the opportunity to reach out to your readers.

M.M. Hey, it's our pleasure. Okay, gang, that's it from the Myth Master, for now. Check out Creepersin's web site for more information about the band. For me, it's 'Adios', until next time.

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