The World of Myth Movie Reviews


The World of Myth Movie Reviews

Hey Boys and Girls! This is Movie Goer Grim, here with you this month to review two new movies, as well as three films that have just been released on DVD. But, before I start this month, I want to thank the Boss himself for Footin’ the bill for my theatrical expenses this month.

The first film on the list this time around is Douglas Adams’, ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Based on Adams’ acclaimed book, this is the second attempt to bring his characters to live action; his first effort was with the 1980's BBC serial.

Much like the TV program, the movie did not meet the expectations of Adams’ fans, who were expecting the film to be more connected to the book. But, Hollywood Exec's had their way and even with Adams co-writing the movie, this version of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ was even more inaccurate to the book then the Eighties show!

As characters were added as well as removed, the biggest let down was the ending, which was not nearly as climatic as one would expect a $100 million blockbuster to be. The end only left an opening for a part two.

Even though I would call myself a fan of Douglas Adams, I can only give his latest effort a mere Howl and a half of pleasure– ;even with a sequel to come out, I do not believe I will be coming back for another.

Next is a new release to DVD: Michael Keaton in ‘White Noise’, possibly the best HORROR film this year. It was so good, after I finished watching my ‘rented’ copy, I went out and bought a private copy for myself.

Keaton plays a man who tragically loses his wife and unborn child to a unexplained car accident. In an attempt to contact his dead wife, he use ‘EVP’ (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), but what he contacts is not exactly what he planned on. Which brings to the forefront lines between Life and Death, and that line has been crossed! Plus, you’ll never see the twist at the end of the movie coming! Michael Keaton gives a great performance and I believe he is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood today.

With great writing, superb acting, and fantastic directing, this makes ‘White Noise’ a wonderful movie! So, this film I give Three strong Howls of Pleasure!

Also on DVD, but not quite as new, is Jennifer Garner in Marvel Comics adaptation of 'Elektra'. In this film, Garner returns as the female assassin from the 2003 movie, ‘Daredevil’.

After dying in ‘Daredevil’, she comes back to life only to become a cold blooded killer–which should of been properly explained (but was not), since Elektra was this rich Daddy’s girl that knew Karate in the first movie and now is a top assassin in the second flick! The entire plot was weak and bland, with some parts being confusing and others just out right dumb!

There were some cool special effects, but even that could not save this flick. So, even as a HUGE Marvel fan, I am saddened as I give ‘Elektra’ but one Hangman's noose of a Dead man, because after all, it put me to sleep–Really!

And while we’re still on track with DVDs, another new release is the unrated version of ‘Darkness’, in which a family with two children move into a house with a dark past. It’s not long before things start happening to the kids and the father himself develops some disturbing tendencies.

The movie was pretty dark, but was equally dry in some areas of the film, causing the movie to lose its momentum. It happened quite a few times, but the story line was able to grab you right back up and once you get toward the finale, it turns into a speeding locomotive of death, hell and the grave.

The only real disappointment in ‘Darkness’ was not even in the movie itself, but in the way it was marketed. It was brought across that the unrated version was scarier and darker then the previous theatrical version. But truth be known, I’ve seen both versions and the only noticeable difference is during the father’s rants toward the end of the movie, instead of him saying, "...freaking...", he says the ‘F’ word.

But do not worry, because that did not figure in as I rated this film, which I will give Two howls of Pleasure.

And to finish out this month, we will review, ‘Star Wars: Episode III’. This is it–the missing piece of the puzzle that will tie all six movies together. As a 'Star Wars' fan I had really hoped that this film would be the best episode, considering it is supposed to be the last of the saga. And, while I really did not care for episode I that much, I raved over episode II. So, what did I think of part III? All I can say is...

WOW! Episode three is better that one, two, four, five and six! The reason I feel this is the best one is because of its content. In every opening, as the intro begins to scroll, the first word you see is War! which sets the entire mood of the film. This is the darkest episode of the saga–with multitudes of deaths, which I tried to keep track of for this review, but lost count.

This final film finds that the galaxy is weary after three long years of war. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have become legendary heroes in their campaigns against the droid forces of evil General Grievous. Anakin and his secret wife, Padme Amidala, have been separated for months and he finally reunites with her to learn that she is pregnant. He is plagued by visions of her dying in childbirth, haunting images of a possible future. Anakin is determined to stop her from dying, no matter the cost. This leads Anakin down a dark path to commit terrible deeds. Obi-Wan Kenobi must face his former apprentice in a ferocious lightsaber duel on the fiery world of Mustafar, which ultimately leads Anakin into becoming the icon of evil, Darth Vader!

What can I really say--it was a great movie! I truly hope that Lucas does indeed remake IV, V and VI, so the saga continues on. For ‘Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith’, I give Four and a half Howls of Pleasure , because it was just a pleasure to enjoy!

Well, that's it from me, this month. Remember, the best opinion is your own, so go out there and review the movies I've covered and then let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, this is Moviegoer Grim, saying, 'That's all, folks!'

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