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The World of Myth Movie Reviews

Hi everyone, this is Balcony Betty. After some convincing and bribing by Movie Goer Grim, who I recently met waiting in line, I am here to try my hand at on-line movie reviews. I thought I would be nice and give into Grim's begging and do him this favor; I do so hate to see a grown man cry. I have decided to review two movies this month--one is a horror flick and the other is an action movie. Without further ado, here are my reviews.

The first movie I am going to review this month is "House of Wax". This is a remake of the 1953 Vincent Price movie by the same name. Basically the movie is about a group of college students and what happens on the way to the big game. Not to give away the entire plot, the group decides to camp out overnight, piss off the wrong guy, end up stranded in the middle of nowhere and murder ensues.

"House of Wax"’s cast of characters features some relatively unknown actors and some that have been around a time or two. Those of you who watch the WB will recognize Chad Michael Murray and Jared Padalecki from their primetime shows, and viewers of the show ’24’ may recognize Elisha Cuthbert. Most recognizable is Paris Hilton.

Before watching this movie I did not have an opinion of Paris Hilton’s acting--now I do. Her acting leaves much to be desired in this movie, as she plays the typical blonde in a horror flick. She is a bubble-head blonde with a jock boyfriend, she does a strip tease, she runs around screaming and shaking her hands, then she is killed. Her running and screaming reminded me very much of Sandra Bullock’s impression of the beauty queen in Miss Congeniality. The only believable acting Paris Hilton did in this movie was the strip tease and I was actually glad when she died.

The movie was slow to begin. The first approximately 45 minutes of this movie were a real snore fest; nothing happened and I found myself hoping for the first killing. Once the action started, the roller coaster feeling was in effect and it was a thrill a minute. The special effects used in this movie were absolutely unbelievable and the wax effects themselves were wonderful.

Overall, I liked House of Wax, although I like my horror flicks to scare me from the beginning, not bore me almost to sleep, then make me scream. When all is said and done, I liked this movie and did recommend it to my fellow movie reviewers, but I am only going to give it two and a half howls of pleasure.

For my next movie I decided to review a movie that came out earlier this year to the theaters and recently was released on DVD. "Hostage" stars Bruce Willis, who needs no introduction, and also stared Kevin Pollack (Santa Clause 2, The Wedding Planner, 3000 Miles To Graceland), Jimmy Bennett (Daddy Day Care, various animation voice-overs, most recently The Polar Express), and Ben Foster (Disney channel Flash Forward, The Punisher, Phone Booth) to name a few.

The movie revolves around Jeff Talley, played by Willis, a hostage negotiator in Los Angeles, who has had a nervous breakdown and left the big city for a job as chief of police in a small town. The action really gets going when Talley is forced back into negotiating when a family is taken hostage in his little hamlet.

Like any Willis movie this film is heavy on the action and does not lack for guns and fireworks. There are times when the action lags but it is really hard to have nonstop thrill-a-minute action for an entire movie. And also like most of Willis’ action movies, the language is a little coarse, but as a true Die Hard fan, it is acceptable. I am giving this movie four howls of pleasure and I highly recommend this movie to action-flick fans.

So, there you are. If Grim and Reaper--and you the readers--enjoyed my reviews, then I might just be back for a sequel in the near future. Let me know, okay? In the meantime, stay out o' the balcony, cause that's MY turf! See ya! Balcony Betty

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