..Here it is, the 12th issue of the World of Myth! Just when you think we have given you everything, we break out more..So come and see what's the...World of Myth!...

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    Interview questions for David Montoya
    Interview questions for David Montoya
    Place you question here

    Here is your chance to send in that burning question you have for President/Chairman David K. Montoya. As a part of next month's big anniversary issue, Mr. Montoya has agreed to participate in an interactive interview. Just type your question in and hit send, and he will answer it next issue! So, what'cha waiting for--go on and ask the question!

    We made it! Here we are, finally celebrating our 12th issue of "The World of Myth." This may not seem all that big a deal to some of you, but to those of us 'behind the scenes', those who put this little magazine together every month, well, it's quite a milestone for us. I would really like to thank all of the people who helped make each issue possible, but I don't have the time or the space to do that properly, at the moment. If you have been a reader of "The World of Myth" for any length of time, you have seen their names attached to either stories, artwork, movie reviews, poetry and/or any of the other sections we present. Our regular contributors deserve a lot of credit for sticking with us all these months and we also want to thank everyone who has 'ever' contributed, to a few, or any of our previous issues. Our sincere thanks go out to all of them. We also want to thank you, our readers, for coming back each month and sharing your views and feelings about what you see and read within these pages. Without you, none of this would be possible.

    Okay. On to other things. This month, a number of our regular contributors are back. L.M. Mercer presents us with another chapter of 'The Greenhouse Murders' and congrats to L.M. on winning last month's Member of the Month honors, once again. L. Craig Woods concludes(?) his 'Chronicles' series and David K. Montoya brings us a pair of episodes dealing with, 'The End'. Rebecca (TGoM) Lofgren offers up another of her 'obscure' poems, while Majikaa, Kevin Magnus and L.M. Mercer also share their poetic feelings. And it seems that Movie Goer Grim has passed the buck once again, as we welcome back for another set of movie reviews, our own Balcony Betty.

    Something new this month--David K. Montoya has agreed to answer direct questions put to him by our readers. Just type in your question in the special section and click 'Send', and in our Anniversary Issue Mr. Montoya will personally answer any and all questions that are asked of him. And on the subject of 'New' sections, since last month's poll showed that more than 80% of our readers would like to see some sort of 'Fan Fiction' on the site, next month we will open up a new Fan Fiction section. All of you Fan Fiction fans know what we mean, so if you have a story about 'any' well known character or group of characters (comic book, TV, movie, etc.) and would like to have your work published here, send it in (the link is in the lower left hand corner of this page). We won't be able to keep this new section up without some serious submissions, so don't be shy--send in your best effort and we will share it with our readers.

    Also in this issue, if everything goes according to plan, the Myth Master will interview artist and writer, Jimmy Palmiotti. He was involved with, as I understand it, the original "Punisher" comic, as well as the movie of the same name, and has worked on a number of other well known comic book projects. If the interview is not available right now, look for it in the next few days. I know we are a bit late getting this issue posted, but life always has a way of interfering with the things you like to do and this month was no exception. But, here we are, so let's all make the best of it!

    On a personal note, I would like to advise you that the final proofs for my upcoming book have been authorized and as I write this, the printing process should have already begun. Unless some unforeseen circumstances arise, the book, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night", should be available by August 26th. I will certainly let all of you know when the book is released, both here at "The World of Myth" site, as well as on the book web site. The "DoD, DoN" web site is now open for visitation--the only section not finished is the one dealing with Purchasing Information, which will open as soon as the book is available. Stop by the site (a link is located at the bottom of this page) and see how and why "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night" was born, discover some little known facts about the author (Me) and read story excerpts. For any of you who might be interested, I will also be offering a selection of signed and numbered mini lithographs of my original artwork, as well as signed copies of my book on the site. Stop by and see what makes me tick and why I never have the correct time, anyway.

    Coming up in year Two at "The World of Myth", we hope to bring you more great stories, artwork and poetry, interviews and movie reviews, along with some surprises which we trust you will enjoy and appreciate. Let us know what you think about what's going on here at "The World of Myth". Without your input, we have no idea if we are putting together the kind of magazine that you want to come back and read every month. All right, that's it from me for the moment. So now, just sit back, relax and Enjoy!

    Terry D. Scheerer

    Editor in Chief
    (Year One)

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Turning the laptop so it was facing him, he punched keys and within moments had requested complete versions of all the family trees and shut down the computer. When he finished, Justin climbed out of bed and asked... Click Here for L.M. Mercer's Greenhouse Murders Part Five!

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