Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti
By: Myth Master

Hey, everyone. It's the Myth Master here and we have a special guest with us today– Writer, Artist, Editor and Comic God. So, let's all welcome The man that made ‘Hawkman’ hardcore, Jimmy Palmiotti!

M.M. Can you tell us a little about the projects you are working on?

J.P. There are a number of them--'Daughters of the Dragon', for Marvel, 'Jonah Hex', for DC, and so on…'Hawkman', still at DC as well.

M.M What would you say your favorite project of all time has been?

J.P. So far, projects like 'Beautiful Killer', 'New West', 'Monolith' and '21 Down' are my personal favorites because they are characters created from scratch, without 40 years of history behind them.

M.M Are there any plans of revising, 'Ash', in the near future?

J.P. Yes, there is. We are in talks as we speak to bring the series back…though Joe Quesada will be limited in what he can do, since he is the EIC of Marvel Comics at the moment.

M.M If you did not work in the world of comics, what profession would you been in?

J.P. Probably a screen writer or film director. Before comics, I was in advertising and did pretty well.

M.M As a Writer/Artist, what would you say you preferred more, writing or penciling?

J.P. Writing, because I can get down on paper exactly what I am imagining in my mind. When I draw, it never lives up to what I am seeing, visually.

M.M Okay. Here is another 'What do you like better' question. You have worked for every big name company in the industry; so, which one do you like better?

J.P. I like DC better for the simple fact that if I create a new character, I can own a large chunk of it, forever. Once Marvel starts doing this, I am there 24/7.

M.M Do you have a 'Dream' Project', and if so, what would it be?

J.P. Probably being given a load of cash to create whatever I would like and use whomever I would like to use. Probably someone having enough confidence in me as a creator to go in and develop a whole line of books.

M.M Who has helped you the most in this profession?

J.P. My parents cultivated my talent and my close friends have continued to encourage me. There really are no specific people besides that.

M.M Do you think that comic books are a medium that are still somewhat overlooked by the general public as 'kiddie material'?

J.P. Yeah, and it will stay that way for a long time, 'till this current generation is in their 40’s, which is fine by me. I can wait.

M.M I really want to thank you for taking the time to visit with us, today. Before we go, is there anything we didn't cover that you would like to share with our readers?

J.P. Hmmm, go out and pick up a copy of 'Hawkman', or at the very least, visit a retailer and place an advance order for 'Jonah Hex' or 'Daughters of the Dragon', and give them a try.

M.M -Bonus Question- Have you ever heard of

J.P. Yes, it's on my favorites list.

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