Interview with David K. Montoya!
By: Creature of Myth

Hey everyone, this is the Creature of Myth, covering for the Myth Master this issue. This month, as a part of The World of Myth Anniversary Extravaganza, we get to have a one on one chat with Writer/Artist/Creator of the Myth, David K. Montoya! Last month all of you had an opportunity to send a question in for Mr. Montoya to answer, so now I will ask him the questions that are on your minds!

COM: First, I want to thank you for allowing me to do this interview with you.

DKM: You're very welcome.

COM: So, if I may, let's get to the questions, shall we?

DKM: (Laughs) Let's.

COM: The most asked question last month was, "What made you decide you wanted to give up comics and turn towards writing short stories?"

DKM: I decided I had done comics for some thirteen or fourteen years and I just felt that it was time to try my hand at another medium. I had tried writing short stories, as well as novels in the past and was quite unsuccessful, so I figured it was due time to give it another shot.

COM: So, were you big comic reader while growing up?

DKM: No. Believe it or not, I did not get into 'Reading' in general until I was a freshmen in high school. My cousin introduced me to the world of comics when I was ten, but I never really picked up on it. Some years later, my Aunt brought over a stack of her old 'X-Men' comics for me to have. I let them sit on my desk for almost six months, but when I finally opened one, that was it--that was the end--I was hooked from there on out.

COM: Really, wow, who would have ever figured? Okay, next question. What was the first comic book you wrote, or had a hand in drawing?

DKM: (Pause) I really have to answer that one?

COM: Yeah, you promised to answer all of the questions.

DKM: (Sigh) One called 'M-Team'. It was the first comic I ever did both as a writer and as an artist. It is the most embarrassing thing I think I have ever created--it was a real crappy knock off of the 'X-Men.' At the time, I didn't know how to 'create' a character, so I used family to fill in the personalities I needed. That was a joke, I tell ya.

COM: Who, if anyone, do you base your characters on now?

DKM: It depends on the story. I still use my family in a lot of stuff. Not so much because I don't have that character developing skill, but more because the story is based on them. For example, in 'The End,' all of the characters are made up. There is no actual connection to any of my family, whereas 'Underground to Nowhere' is based on the next generation of my family.

COM: Speaking of 'Underground to Nowhere,' when exactly is that coming out, or have you totally canned the project?

DKM: I have been waiting for you to ask that question. No, I have not dumped 'Underground to Nowhere'. In fact, I am still very much working on that story--it is just such a huge story and so time consuming. It is taking a long time to finish, but when it is, it will be one hell of a graphic novel.

COM: Graphic novel? I thought it was a mini series?

DKM: It was a mini series, when first started out, but now it has been upgraded to a 80 page graphic novel.

COM: In storytelling, what’s your biggest inspiration?

DKM: Life at large. The coolest damned stories are happening all around us and the possibilities of life create even cooler stories. A lot of my ideas start with, "What if...", and BAM, you have a story idea.

COM: Interesting. Okay, here is one of the questions I have been waiting to ask you. Do you have a favorite writer?

DKM: Sure. As many may have figured by now, I'm not going to say the likes of Poe or Lovecraft--of whom I am familiar with their works. My all time favorite writer is Chris Clairmont. I know, I know; you're wondering who he is, right?

COM: Well, yeah, actually I am.

DKM: Clairmont is the writer that made 'X-Men' famous. He wrote that story for fifteen years. And again, I realize that most of western culture does not see comic writers as 'real' writers, but in my eyes they are!

COM: What do you like better, writing or drawing?

DKM: I hate drawing! The only reason I do it is because I do not have anyone to do it for me. On the other hand, I wholeheartedly enjoy writing. It can become the biggest pain in the ass I have ever ventured into, but in the end I am usually more happy with the outcome of a story, than I am with any piece of art I have ever done.

COM: Veering off track, I want to get into direct questions from the readers. Is that okay?

DKM: Yeah, let's find out what they have to ask.

COM: Great! How about this one. A reader asked, "Why is it that everything you do is called (something) Myth?"

DKM: Myth is of course another word for legend, which I hope I will become one day (Laughs).

COM: If money was no longer an issue, what would you be doing?

DKM: The same thing I am doing now, but on a much bigger scale.

COM: While reading the history of the Editor in Chief, a reader was curious to know, who was your favorite editor in chief to work with?

DKM: I have two answers to that. My first is S.M. Morton. As a comic writer, she helped build my creativity and confidence, and for that I thank her. She and I both knew and understood the business and all of us [at the time] were sad when she stepped down as E-I-C. Today though, it would have to be Terry D. Scheerer. Much as S.M. helped me in my comic writing, Terry has done the same for me in my other forms of creative writing. He is teaching me the logistics of script and I feel I am becoming a better writer in any medium due to his assistance.

COM: So, who has helped you the most, in your recent endeavors?

DKM: Chief Scheerer. We have an e-mail meeting at least once a day and I'm planning to give him a huge raise this year. Oh, wait, I forgot. I don't pay him anything. (Laughs) Gee, I hope he doesn't read this.

COM: Me too, for your sake. So, another reader asks, "Are you working on anything right now?"

DKM: Oh, god, yes! More things than I can keep track of. Let's see, there is Underground [to Nowhere], The End, a movie called 'Theory of a Deadman,' and countless side projects. Oh, and lets not forget planning to RULE THE WORLD, hee, hee, hee! Oh, umm, sorry. Got a little carried away. Anyway, next question.

COM: (Long silence) Right. Speaking of movies, in an interview archive with L. Alan Russo Jr., it says that you wrote the script for 'Body Bag' and it has been five years since you did the movie. What are your thoughts on that project?

DKM: Russo is a really neat guy and a good friend. We are planning to put out a one-shot comic of SMASH here very soon, but I really have no comment on that.

COM: Do you have a "Dream' Project?"

DKM: I would love to do a X-Men comic for about a year or so.

COM: Why do you think readers are so critical of you?

DKM: I think it's a combination of a couple of things. One, I think it has to do with the fact that many of our readers remember me as a comic creator. I know many feel that I let them down when I changed the direction of the myth, and if I am doing anything other than comics, they won't like it. Two, when you put my writing efforts next to other author's work, like Terry [D. Scheerer] or L.M. [Mercer] or my sister, Rebecca [Gurl of Myth Lofgren], it's not quite up to par. That's the hard truth, but the truth nonetheless.

COM: What would you say is your best work?

DKM: That's a hard one. I think it was my comic 'Sorrow', but I'm thinking of doing a rewrite on that sometime next year, so that might change. But for now, it is 'Sorrow'.

COM: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

DKM: That came out of left field. Hmmm... I would have gone to college. To this very day I regret not following through with the original plan of finishing my education and obtaining an A.A. or B.A. degree in writing. I think things would have turned out very differently for me if I had followed my original idea and not gone into the medical profession.

COM: What profession are you really in?

DKM: Medical. I just said that. I am a Tech, along with several others here at the site who work at a local hospital.

COM: If you could work with one person, who would it be?

DKM: My son, Jayden. I pray I get the opportunity to do something with him in the future.

COM: Almost finished. Speaking of the future, what can fans expect to hear from you in the near future?

DKM: At the end of this month, I hope to see the one-shot comic of 'SMASH' come out. Then, perhaps in December, I will be an Associate Producer of a novel that is to be released, which is based on one of our 'Ongoing' stories here at The World of Myth. And next year, around summer, the novelized version of 'The End' will come out and hopefully Underground to Nowhere will come out as well. And, if all goes according to plan, we will start preproduction on our movie in late 2006 or early 2007.

COM: Really. And what movie would that be?

DKM: Sorry, I can't comment on that just yet.

COM: Okay. Well, I really want to thank you for taking the time to visit with us, today. Before we go, is there anything we didn't cover that you would like to share with our readers?

DKM: (Laughs) That's a classic question. Who sent that one in?

COM: Hmmm, I did.

DKM: (Laughs, again) Okay, well, I would like to thank all of the readers who sent in their questions--this was a nice change of pace for me--I really enjoyed it. But, with all seriousness folks, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming to our little e-zine month after month. All of us who work on this project every month put our hearts into it, to try and provide you with something that will meet your fancy and maintain your interest, so keep coming back and continue your support for THE World of Myth!

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