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TITLE:The Secret Weakness of Dragons, and other tales a fairy whispered in my ear
Author:Brad Grochowski

In his book, "The Secret Weakness of Dragons, and other tales a fairy whispered in my ear," author Brad Grochowski shares with us a series of 'sort of' fairy tales, ranging from a traditional tale with a dragon and a princess, to a story in a contemporary setting of a girl who can obtain anything she wishes for. And even though these stories may be classified as 'fairy tales,' Mr. Grochowski stated in his interview this month, "I do not consider these to be kid's stories." Most of these tales contain a slightly dark edge to them--something hidden just beneath the surface of the story that lends them to be enjoyed by adults, as well as children.

Even the title story, while indeed dealing with a 'traditional' dragon, steers away from a traditional fairy tale in its use of psychology (and baking) to thwart the beast, yet still hands the reader a 'happily ever after' conclusion. The other stories also deal with the 'fairy tale' from a different perspective. Two of them suggest new beginnings; a unique concept regarding the birth of knowledge and intellect, but from quite opposite viewpoints. And in "A True Love Manifest," a young girl has the ability to manifest anything she desires, but her amazing gift is not an end to all means, as she discovers while attempting to conjure up her own, 'True Love.'

Mr. Grochowski considers himself a 'storyteller,' rather than a writer, and fairy tales are a form of literature that should be 'told,' rather than merely written down. To that end, the author has succeeded by sharing with the reader these delightful and thought provoking tales of fantasy and imagination. "A Secret Weakness of Dragons" is a must have gift for anyone with children who are always seeking new adventures, but this is also a volume which adults can enjoy, and more importantly, can enjoy along with their children.

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