..Welcome to our 21st incredible issue of The World of Myth! Look at what we have for this month..check out the new stories, artwork and poems..........We give you what you want here at the..."The World of" !...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Be Well Come to the Biggest issue yet of "The World of Myth!" This month we are focusing on paranormal activity, and have gone to great lengths to bring you some fascinating and bizarre stories and information pertaining to ghosts, spirits, things that go 'Bump' in the night, and all manner of other unusual occurrences.

    First off, however, stop by the Myth Mart to check out some new items that have been made available, then come back and start reading. In our short story department, "Queen of the Westerlands" opens with another chapter of that ongoing saga, and Brad Grochowski returns with Part Two of, "The Diary of Uno Duo." And, while I am sure some mistake has been made (we are checking into possible 'ballot box stuffing'), apparently Mr. Grochowski was voted winner of the coveted Member of the Month award in April, for "The Diary of Uno Duo," Part One. Just kidding, Brad--Congratulations!

    In the Horror section, we have a full offering of strange stories. Saranna DeWylde returns with a tale of Voodoo and mystery, while L.M. Mercer makes a come back with a story about peer pressure gone wild. The writing pair of Steve Bolin and Kevin Adams both offer up stories--Steve with Part Two of 'Casket Case,' and Kevin shares his own tale of late night travel on a deserted(?) road.

    Our Featured Writer this month is Edgar Allan Poe, master of the macabre and weird tales, and David K. Montoya brings us another episode of his story, 'The End.' Speaking of Mr. Montoya, we want to wish our fearless leader a Happy Birthday this month, as he is now one step closer to that retirement home.

    In the poetry section, Rebecca Lofgren, L.M. Mercer and Kevin Magnus all offer up new poems, while in the Art Gallery, Jessica Rinaldo, Rebecca Lofgren and David K. Montoya share their colorful visions, and in the Creative Youth section, 6 year old Kayli displays two new pieces of her art work.

    Then, specially for this issue, Saranna DeWylde shares with us a secret recipe for making a Zombie Powder, as well as some of her research into the curious and often misunderstood religions of Voodoo and Hoodoo. This issue we have Two interviews for you--Saranna returns and shares research into her study of the paranormal, and we also have Kristie Murphy, of West Coast Ghost Hunters, a group who investigate hauntings and spirit sightings. Don't miss these interviews!

    Stop by our Movie Reviews, too, as Balcony Betty returns to accompany Reaper Rick in giving their thoughts on a slew of flicks--some good, and some 'Horror'able. And, the Month in Myth discusses May, and what it means to those of us who enjoy Spring.

    All in all, this issue should keep you busy for some time, and cause you to listen even more carefully to those mysterious little sounds in the night, that you might otherwise have simply ignored. We ask that you explore this issue with an open mind--you may never know when you might learn something new. But, most importantly, we want you to...


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Day 3

    It is different today. It is all different. My view through the window, though surely still a cherished prize, has been surpassed in importance by the greater prize of discovery itself... Click Here for Brad Grochowski's The Diary of Uno Duo Part Two

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