Interview with Kevin Adams!
By: The Myth Master

Welcome, everyone. It's the Myth Master here, and we have with us today writer Kevin Adams, coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising." So let's get started.

M.M. Kevin, you have contributed to a couple of issues of "The World of Myth" recently, and you are also coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising." When did you first become interested in writing?

K.A. Way back in high school I was involved in creative writing classes, and I was exposed to a great film called, "Dead Poets Society." Those classes planted a small writing seed in my soul.

M.M. Some writers claim that the act of writing releases something from within their inner selves, which would not otherwise have a way out. Do you feel anything along those lines when you write?

K.A. Oh, yes; writing is a very powerful way to express one's fervor, angst, fury and happiness. Creativity in general is something that comes form our own personal desires and dreams, whether it be an artist who paints or a writer who writes. It is all fueled by a sincere passion for constructing something magnificent.

M.M. Did you run into any problems working with another writer on your novel?

K.A. Only that we couldn't work all the great ideas into this book. My experience can best described as "Bottled Lightning"--we really fed off of each others energies and ideas. I believe paring up made us both much stronger writers.

M.M. I understand you have studied Issinryu karate. How did that knowledge help you in writing, "Black Rising?"

K.A. It helped in all of the hand-to-hand fight descriptions, as well as describing the sword play. Most of the beliefs that a majority of the characters in the book have are based around martial arts ethics. Our lead character Adkar is like a monk--he follows a personal code of trying not to kill, and he only uses his fighting abilities when there is no other choice.

M.M. Can you give our readers a brief synopsis of the novel?

K.A. A fresh new tale of high fantasy and grand adventure that contains quality, black and white illustrations. Spiritual philosophy and martial arts combine with noble dragons and mystical energy in a world where one man's quest for power knows no limits. This visionary novel goes outside the bounds of traditional fantasy, exploring the character's feelings and reactions to extraordinary events and their fight against evil.

M.M. Where can we obtain more information about your book?

K.A. You can preview it at the web page: It can be ordered by phone by calling: 1-888-280-7715. And it can also be ordered from almost any bookstore, but remember they need the ISBN and they usually mark the book up to a higher retail price.

M.M. Aside from Fantasy, do you enjoy writing in any other genres?

K.A. I usually write silly stories for my daughter and read them to her at bedtime; I even made her a makeshift booklet of her very own. Fantasy is my one true passion, because there are no rules. I can get as creative as I choose and no one can tell me it's wrong, because it is fantasy, not reality.

M.M. This is a 'stock' question, but where do you get the ideas for your stories?

K.A. They are sometimes inspired by personal experiences or just my morbid imagination run amok, sometimes a word or phrase or even something I just "look" at in a different way. Some of my inspiration also comes from being a father and husband. I really pride myself on the fact that all the stories I create for the web site are custom made; they have never been published before in any form, anywhere else.

M.M. Do you have any special authors who you enjoy reading?

K.A. Reading is a rare luxury for me, and I have a much deeper appreciation for it now that I myself have gone through the process. Although I don't have a favorite author, I just finished "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, and found it a very interesting piece, just because of the writing style and history it offered.

M.M. How does your family feel about your newfound success?

K.A. I have a lot of great support from everyone. My older sister bought one of the very first hard backs, and my mother-in-law is my biggest supporter of all. My greatest satisfaction comes from talking to someone about their favorite parts of the book.

M.M. Are there plans for another novel in the near future?

K.A. I really enjoy writing short stories, especially after crafting a monster epic like Black Rising, but God willing, there is a very good chance you will see another book written by me.

M.M. What do you do with your life when you are not writing?

K.A. Spoil my daughter, watch movies, have dinner out with my wife, and even play video games on occasion.

M.M. On a more personal note, you have had some rather interesting heroes over the years. Would you like to share the 'who' and 'why' of these people?

K.A. Let's start out really early: as a kid it was Flash Gordon--the movie with Max Von Sydow as Ming--I just liked all the cool creatures and such. Around 17, it was Arnold Scwarzennegger, because I was into lifting weights and he was so physically awesome. In later years I went to the dark side and chose Darth Vader as a hero, because he was very commanding and didn't take any sass from anyone. Besides, anyone who can choke you from across the galaxy is just plain BAD.

M.M. Kevin, we really want to thank you for sitting down with us today, and sharing some of your thoughts. Before we go, is there anything we did not cover that you would like to share with our readers?

K.A. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share my work with such open minded people. I get a great feeling of accomplishment in seeing that something I created was read and enjoyed by your members.

"Imagination is the exploration of the undiscovered mind" K. Adams -1992

M.M. Great. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future, both on book shelves and here at "The World of Myth." Thanks again, Kevin. And that's it from the Myth Master for this session. I'll 'see' you next time.

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