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TITLE: Rebecca C. Lofgren's Book of Dreams
Author: Rebecca C. Lofgren

In “Book of Dreams,” writer and artist Rebecca C. Lofgren shares with readers an 84 page creative collection spanning the last few years which includes 30 pieces of poetry, 27 pieces of original artwork, and one terrifying short story that has appeared in "The World of Myth."

Reading the poems in Rebecca C. Lofgren's Book of Dreams, one would never guess that this writer/artist is an eighteen year old who has just entered college. Lofgren's poems are both introspective and reflective, in that she can look out at the world around her and bring it inside, where she twists it around within the realm of the personal and the emotional. Then, there are 28 pages of incredible art ranging from CG artwork to sketches from the creator that cover the last few years. Included are several pieces completely exclusive to the book and never before shown on-line.

At the end of the book you will find one short story that previously appeared here in "The World of Myth." Lofgren takes readers down a road less traveled in 'Serial Thriller,' as a young girl is home alone and terror becomes her only visitor; one which turns out to be a bloody companion!

A Trade Paperback copy of Rebecca C. Lofgren's book, "Book of Dreams" may be purchased at Barnes and, Amazon, Target,,

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