...Welcome to our 24th Double Issue!!! Enjoy this months as we celebrate The World of Myth's 2nd Birthday, with Double features...... of the new stories, artwork, poems, and a little bit of everything...So come join in on the fun!!! ...The World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Well, here it is--The Big Second Anniversary Issue of "The World of Myth!"

    Be Well Come as you marvel that we have actually managed to continue publishing this once small, garage style endeavor and turn it into an Internationally known web magazine which is now Two Years old. We would not be where we are today without the many contributors and thousands of readers who have helped bring us to this point. Countless thanks and many Blessings to you all.

    There is much to read and see in this issue, and many people to acknowledge, so here we go. In the Fantasy Section, Steve Bolin offers up a short/short story of misplaced youth and Adam Janus presents a different way to stave off Death, while "Queen of the Westerlands" continues on with another chapter. Kevin Adams presents a short story 'Treatment' in the Horror Section and Samuel Hayne brings us Part Two of his horror story, "Faro's Ring." Then, in the Action/Suspense Section, David K. Montoya continues with his, "The End--Story Two."

    In our Poetry Section this issue, returning contributors Steve Bolin, L.M. Mercer, Jeff R. Young, Kevin Adams, Kevin Magnus and Ellen Lynch all share there thoughts with us, while in the packed Art Gallery, new contributor Michael A. Sauve presents a pair of drawings, as do returning artists Jessica Rinaldo, Allen J. Speakman and David K. Montoya. And in a surprise return visit, MOK shares a new vision with us this month.

    Our Movie Reviewers added a new member this issue--Alan Russo joins our regular reviewers Balcony Betty and Reaper Rick to look at a slew of movies; some new ones and some Very old.

    The contents of this issue's Book Review is from our very own Rebecca C. Logren's, "Book of Dreams," which was just recently published; copies of which are available through the link located below.

    Our Featured Writer this issue is Stephen King and our Featured Writer/Director is the master of film, Alfred Hitchcock.

    And in the Interview Section we had hoped to have some well known writer or artist to present to you this issue, however, 'The best laid plans of mice and men...' as they say. Since it turned out no one was available, our returning artist MOK agreed to sit down with the Myth Master and be interviewed, which resulted in quite a surprise get together. Be sure to stop by and see what is UP with MOK.

    The Member of the Month voting for last issue was extremely close--the winner being chosen by only a few votes difference. And, while I wish to thank the Academy for this honor (yes, "Queen of the Westerlands" won bya very narrow margin), it is a mixed blessing in that fewer than half of the readers who stopped by "The World of Myth" last month actually voted for their favorite writer or artist. While it is certainly not mandatory to vote, it is one way we here at TWoM are able to gauge just what type of stories and artwork the readers enjoy, and it is also a bonus for our contributors to know what the readers think of their work. Not to mention that The Question of the Month in this issue asks our readers to choose among the past 12 Member of the Month winners to see who shall be crowned Member of the Year. You may notice there are not 12 members name's listed in the poll. That is because a few members won more than once last year. So, after you have finished looking over this issue, if you have a moment, please vote your opinion on the stories and artwork which you enjoyed--or did not enjoy--and then return to the Main Page and offer up who you feel should be our Member of the Year. We all appreciate your time and effort in this--Thank you in advance.

    In our F.Y.I. section, David K. Montoya, the owner and fearless leader of "The World of Myth," speaks to all of us regarding his memories of the past two years and of how "The World of Myth" came into being. He also thanks individually the many contributors and brow-beaten staff who have helped to keep this organization the quality magazine we have all come to love and care for.

    Publication Notices--

    Steve Bolin and Kevin Adam's fantasy novel, "Black Rising," is available at

    The second book of Tyler Tichelaar's trilogy is now available. "Iron Pioneers" and "Queen City" may be purchased at

    Janet Durbin's new novel, "Innocence Taken" is available as an e-book at and her fantasy novel, "After" is available at

    Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" is available from the link listed below.

    So, there you are, readers and fans--an issue chock full of goodies for your viewing pleasure. Since this issue will be available throughout the rest of August and all of September, please take your time and look over everything we have to offer in this issue. Come back again if you miss something--there is plenty to see. I would like to thank All of our readers once again, as well as All of our many contributors for your support these past 24 months, and with your continued support perhaps we will be able to bring you another 24 months of "The World of Myth." And above all, we wish more than anything that you--


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    The warder sat behind a small table going over vouchers for food, rope, lamp oil, straw and dozens of other items required to run a gaol. A sudden gust of wind caused the papers to flutter up from the table... Click Here for Terry D. Scheerer'S Queen of the Westerlands Part IX

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