Interview with MOK!
By: The Myth Master

Hey, everyone, it's the Myth Master here once again, welcoming you to "The World of Myth's" Second Anniversary Issue! You know, we wanted to have a couple of really Big special guest interviews for the anniversary issue, but they didn't come through in time. Instead we have with us today someone who was a regular contributing artist here at the 'Myth' for quite a while, then disappeared for a number of months. Perhaps we can find out just what he has been up to all of this time. So let's welcome MOK to the interview booth.

M.M. Hello, MOK, it's nice to have you with us today.

MOK. Yeah, I'll bet. It's really good to know I was like maybe your second choice for the interview, there, Myth Master.

M.M. Um, were more like our third choice.

MOK. Oh...great. Well, the third choice is the charm. Maybe.

M.M. Er, right. So, would you care to tell our readers what you have been up to, lately?

MOK. Sure. Some of you may have noticed that I have been gone for a while.

M.M. Quite a few months, actually.

MOK. Right. Well, I've been doing research for some possible new art projects.

M.M. That's good to hear. Anything you can share with us?

MOK. Sure. I was in Europe and came across a legend about a scientist who was able to implant a living brain into a long dead corpse, reanimate the dead body using the brain and was then able to control the actions of this undead creature.

M.M. Really. For what purpose?

MOK. Initially, it was thought these 'undead' could work in high radiation areas and toxic situations--biohazard accidents or deadly virus outbreaks--places where living humans could not safely function. Of course, when word leaked out about these undead--functioning bodies which could withstand all types of damage that would kill an ordinary person--someone had to come up with an alternative way to use them.

M.M. And that was...?

MOK. A madman kidnapped the scientist and forced him to turn out an army of these undead creatures, and he then intended to use this 'Legion' of undead killers to conquer the world.

M.M. An...interesting idea, but rather far fetched for an actual legend.

MOK. That's because I made the whole thing up.

M.M. Oh.

MOK. Yeah. I'm thinking about turning the idea into a series of drawings; a story or maybe even a comic of sorts. A tentative sketch using the idea, called 'Legion,' is in this issue of "The World of Myth" Art Gallery. I would like to get some feedback from the readers--you know, to see if they think the idea is worth pursuing.

M.M. I think we can arrange that easily enough. Anything else we can look forward to from you in the near future?

MOK. Well, I still have some 'Terrible Toons' wanting to escape that I may share with everyone, and I also have another project I would like to work on pretty soon; my 'Not-Bots.'

M.M. What would they be?

MOK. I'm sure you have heard stories about our possible future, when we have robots working for us and then they gain intelligence and try to take over the world from their human makers. And, we also have bio technical hybrids--part human, part robot and all of the trouble they get into. Well, I would like to do some drawings of robots--again, maybe even a story or comic-- that are not entirely robots, but still have some of their traits--'Not-Bots.' It's rather a surprise.

M.M. Okay. Well, we look forward to all of that. Now, on a more personal note, when did you first become interested in art?

MOK. I think I was always interested in artistic endeavors, in one form or another. I love Art, with a capital 'A.' I was already drawing cartoons in grade school--a friend and I would spend recess drawing all sorts of weird creatures. Some of my favorites were flying eyeballs. These eyeballs with bat wings and a long optic nerve trailing along behind them would fly around and carry spears with their little claw-like hands and they would attack other eyeballs, stabbing with their spears, causing viscous fluid to spray out when they were injured and--

M.M. All right, good. Um, any other memories from an earlier time?

MOK. Uh, well, I was an art major when I first went to college, but it was such a structured regime back then I couldn't learn anything I really wanted to know, so I changed my major after a couple of semesters. I still drew and sketched, when I had time, but for the most part I let it go--you know how life can get in the way of what you enjoy--and only picked art up again a few years ago.

M.M. I see. Some of our readers have wanted to know just what 'MOK' stands for. Would you care to tell us?

MOK. Malcolm Oswald Kincaid.

M.M. Really?

MOK. No, I just made that up. MOK is not my real name; it merely stands for imagination--all of the things that the mind might conjure up from those dark, hidden recesses we all have somewhere up there inside our grey matter. They might be funny, they might be sad; they could be enlightening and they could be horrible. Not everyone allows these dark secrets out into the light of day and not everyone can reconstruct them on paper. I try to, on occasion, share some of my inner, secret visions with the world and to me these are 'MOK' Call it 'My Own Knowledge' if you must put words to it, but everyone has their own dreams and demons locked away inside of them. Everyone has their own MOK. Some of us just let them out...sometimes.

M.M. Well, that was...quite profound.

MOK. Really? I'm not just another skee-ball with a pencil shoved up my nose, then?

M.M. Uh, I don't think so. I'm not even sure I know what that means.

MOK. Don't worry about it. Let's just say that when I can, I enjoy sharing a little corner of my mind with other people. If they like it, that's great. If they don't, well, I guess I can live with that, too.

M.M. I see. All right, well, we really want to thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us, today, MOK. Is there anything we didn't cover that you might want to say to our readers before we call it a wrap?

MOK. No.

M.M. Oh. In that case, I guess we can--

MOK. Just kidding, dude. Gee, lighten up, will ya? I just want to say, be on the look out for more of my stuff coming at ya in the future, gang. I'm not even totally sure what it will be or when it may appear. I would love to do a comic, but that is a long term commitment and horribly time consuming, not to mention costly in the mental stress area. But, ya never know--I might win the lottery and not have to worry about money for a while. That would be cool, ya know. I could even--

M.M. All right! Thank you, again MOK, for taking up so much of our time, today. It was a real...treat. And that's it from the Myth Master for this issue. I'll be back at you next time, so stay tuned.

MOK. 'Stay tuned?' What the hell is that supposed to mean? What do you think this is--radio? I mean, how can you say--

M.M. Give me that microphone! We're done with you!

MOK. Hey! How come so nasty all of a sudden, Mr. Myth Master? Got yourself a hair shoved up your--

M.M. Security! Get this maniac out of here!

MOK. Oops, well, guess it's time for me to go, gang. I'll catch ya on the flip-flop, watch ya on the rewind, see ya in the--


MOK. Right. Bye, now.

M.M. (Sigh) Next time we can't get a 'real' interview, let's just run one from last year, all right? I can't go through this kind of crap, again.

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