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TITLE:The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
Author: Robert E. Howard

While many readers are familiar with Howard's more recognizable characters, among whom are Conan, Bran Mak Morn and Kull of Valusia, not nearly as many have read his tales of Solomon Kane.

Robert E. Howard began writing the tales of Solomon Kane around 1928. An English Puritan from the sixteenth century, Kane not only vanquished evil deeds and evil men in his home land, but also traveled to the darkest reaches of Africa where he discovered dangerous elder gods and those who worshiped them. Kane battled human beasts and unearthly devils with equal enthusiasm and with equal disdain.

An expert swordsman and duelist, Kane was just as deadly with a blade as with a flintlock, and used either of them without hesitation in stories such as, 'Skulls in the Stars,' 'Red Shadows,' 'Rattle of Bones,' 'Wings in the Night' and many more. If you are a fan of Howard's heroic characters but have never before encountered Solomon Kane, I suggest you do so. 'Del Rey Books' has recently released many of Howard's stories in fully illustrated editions, which include three volumes of Conan stories and a book of Bran Mak Morn stories, as well as the Solomon Kane tales, each filled with adventure, excitement and danger.

Howard was a gifted and prolific writer and even though he only had fifteen years in which to write his stories, he left us with a wealth of incredible tales, those of Solomon Kane among them.

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