Welcome to our creepiest issue ever!!! Enjoy this month as we celebrate Halloween with special additions to our horror section! Plus don't forget to check all of the new stories, artwork, and poems..So come join in on the fun!!! World of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Welcome to "The World of Myth's" Halloween edition!

    Be Well Come to the Big Halloween Issue of "The World of Myth." This month we have a number of new contributors to go along with many of our regular writers and artists, so let's Dig right in!

    Our Featured Writer this month is Robert E. Howard and I will be reviewing one of his books, as well. Aside from his many adventure stories, Howard (who was a contemporary of such writers as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith) also wrote a number of horror stories. If you have not yet done so, you should check out some of his many, many great works.

    In the Horror Section, new contributors, R.H. Stavis and Lincoln Crisler offer up some tasty treats for your enjoyment, along with a short from Kevin Adams, while Samuel Haynes shares the last part of his horror story and Tyler Tichelaar brings us a ghost story from over a hundred years ago.

    We have included a new section this month--a 'Humor Section,' and to start it off, Steve Bolin shares a trip to a favorite Speciality store and Michael A. Sauve explains his love for...well, you'll see.

    David K. Montoya adds another piece of "The End" to his collection and in the Poetry Section, Kevin Magnus offers us a new piece, along with poems from Jeff R. Young, Kevin Adams, Ellen Lynch and L.M. Mercer.

    In the Art Gallery, Michael A. Sauve, Jessica Rinaldo and Allen J. Speakman return with more art and a new friend, Jonathan Fesmire shares some of his art work with us.

    The Movie Reviews are full this month, with Balcony Betty, Movieman Russo and Reaper Rick all stopping by with reviews and opinions about movies you may want to view--or not.

    There are also two great interviews this month--both with new contributors to the site. R.H. Stavis talks about her writing--both in novels and comics--and Jonathan Fesmire shares insight into both his writing and art work. Don't miss these interviews!

    Stop by the Month in Myth to find out more about Halloween and its meaning.

    The Member of the Month for last issue was Adam Janus--congratulations on a second win in just a few months. Adam was also a very close second in the voting for the Member of the Year Award. The voting this year was extremely close all the way around, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. Almost 2,000 votes were actually cast and the voting was so close, no one received more than 13% of the vote. In fact, there were only a handful of votes separating the first five contributors who received the most votes. So, congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you one and all for your many, great contributions to "The World of Myth." I also wish to thank the many readers who in fact voted 'me' Member of the Year and I am honored to be in the company of so many wonderfully talented artists and writers. Thank you, again, one and all for your continued support.

    Publication Notices.

    Sarah Wilson--writing under the name Sara Saint John. Her new novel, "Blood Atonement" was just released and copies may be obtained from, Stop by her MySpace site for updates.

    R.H. Stavis--Her novel, "Daniel's Veil" may be obtained through, "

    Tyler Tichelaar--The first two novels of his 'Iron Pioneers' Trilogy may now be obtained at his web site,

    Steve Bolin and Kevin Adams--Their novel, "Black Rising" may be obtained at,

    Jonathan Fesmire--To see a list of Jonathan's books and art work and where to locate them, stop by and read through his interview in this issue.

    Rebecca C. Lofgren--Copies of her "Book of Dreams" may be obtained through the link below.

    Terry D. Scheerer--Copies of his collected work, "Dreams of Darkness,Dreams of Night" may be obtained in the 'Myth Mart,' at his web site link listed below and his book is also now available at, 'Shop Smart, Shop Creepsmart!'

    And that about wraps up another great issue. We all want to wish each and every one of you a Happy Halloween! Have a Safe and Sane holiday, or just get out there and have some Fun! But most of all, we want you to...


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    HAPPY HALLOWEN from The World of Myth!

    Story of the Month

    Waiting was difficult. William Cox lit another cigarette; the only light burning amber in a black apartment. His hand shook. There was no going back now.
    A streetlamp flickered red far below Cox’s living room window. He sat next to the thick pane of glass, inhaled deeply. Cars rolled by, and rain began to fall upon them, tiny drops of blood under the streetlamp.
    Cox had forgotten what rain felt like upon his skin. He had thought about opening the window once, but… Click Here for R.H. Stavis' Ride With Me!

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