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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Welcome to the latest issue of “The World of Myth.” This is David Montoya coming at you to let everyone know what is planned for all of you great readers this month. First off, since I don't pay the guy for all of the great work he does around here, I gave our Editor in Chief, Terry D. Scheerer, the month off for doing such an awesome job with last month’s “Halloween” issue.

    Over in the Fantasy Section this month, “Queen of the Westerlands” Part 11 comes at you (and a bloody good chapter this one is), and L.M. Mercer offers up a new piece entitled, “Weights and Measures.” Steve Bolin steps away from the humor section to head back to his darker roots as he presents a three part story called, “The Spider.” Also in the Horror Section this month is a newcomer to “The World of Myth,” Mark E. Deloy, and he offers up a flash story entitled, “Tea for Two.”

    I serve up another helping of my Zombie/Action Adventure Story, “The End,” and I also whipped up a quick little tale about a man named Thomas and his “Little Problem.” You can find that tale in the Humor Section.

    Over in our Poetry corner, Kevin Adams, who won his first Member of the Month honors with his story in the October issue, returns with a new poem about a “Writer’s Curse.” And we want to again congratulate Mr. Adams on his MOM win! Also contributing their poems this month are Jeff R. Young, L.M. Mercer and Kevin Magnus, who also sat down with our Myth Master for an in depth interview; so check that out as well.

    In the Art Gallery, Jessica Rinaldo, Michael A. Sauve, Allen J. Speakman, and Johnathan Fesmire return to offer their new art work, and the Book Review this month is Stephen King's, "Nightmares and Dreamscapes."

    Over in the Movie Reviews, since Movieman Russo is M.I.A after attending a film festival in Miami, Reaper Rick offers up some reviews and Moviegoer Grim steps in to share his thoughts on what he may have seen while locked up in the big house. And while you are looking around at the reviews, don’t forget to check out our Featured Writer and Director, The King of Zombie Movies, George A. Romero! Also, stop by The Month in Myth for the real low down on Thanksgiving.

    Publication Notices:

    Steve Bolin and Kevin Adams--Their novel, "Black Rising" may be obtained at, Rebecca Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" may be purchased through the link located below.

    Terry D. Scheerer--Copies of his collected work, "Dreams of Darkness,Dreams of Night" may be obtained in the 'Myth Mart,' at his web site link listed below and his book is also now available at, 'Shop Smart, Shop Creepsmart!'.

    And after all is said and done, we hope above all else, that you simply...


    David K. Montoya

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    I’m sitting here thinking over all the events of the last few days of this Halloween season. I’m trying to isolate the exact moment when everything started to go wrong. No matter how I slice it, I always come up with the same conclusion. It all started with that god-forsaken spider... Click Here for Steve Bolin'S The Spider

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