Interview with Kevin Magnus!
By: The Myth Master

Welcome, everyone. It's the Myth Master here and we have a special treat for you today; an Interview with Kevin Magnus, one of our first contributors here at “The World of Myth." I would also like to welcome Mr. Magnus to "The World of Myth."

M.M.: Mr. Magnus, when did you first start writing poetry?

K.M.: Only a few months before the launch of “The World of Myth.” I have never thought that my work was thought provoking enough for anyone else to read other than me. A friend of mine, David Montoya, came up to me and asked me if I would submit some of my work to his new web site, which he was going to launch that September. Of course I agreed, and the rest is now history. (Laughs)

M.M.: What writers, if any, have influenced your own writing?

K.M.: As far as other poets, I far more enjoy reading work of unknowns rather than some famous writer.

M.M.: Why is that?

K.M.: A lot of what I have read lately from well-known writers just seemed forced. You know, it just felt like they had a deadline to meet and they just tossed it out there. As to an unknown, they have nothing rushing them to produce, only their own emotion crying out to be released.

M.M.: What type of books do you enjoy reading in your spare time?

K.M.: Right now, I’m on a Stephen King kick; I enjoy his work. In fact he has inspired a couple of my writings, which I have yet to release.

M.M.: Do you ever use any personal experiences when doing your poetry?

K.M.: Oh, absolutely. Many of my poems are small tales about different times in my life, or what I may be feeling inside.

M.M.: So, does that mean you’re unhappy a lot?

K.M.: (Long pause) A good friend once told me he believed that in order to be a great writer, one would have to suffer a great deal. Think about all of the history making writers of the past, Poe, Lovecraft, and even Dickens went through some unbelievable and painful times in their lives.

M.M.: Did you answer my last question, or completely bypass it altogether?

K.M.: Bypassed altogether. Next question.

M.M.: All right, a lot of our contributors are coming out with publications of their novels and poetry. Do you have anything that we will be able to find in our bookstore, anytime in the near future?

K.M.: Yes, but it won’t be ready anytime soon. I have named it “Origins” and would like for it to contain at least one hundred and twenty of my poems, but like I said, it will not be ready anytime soon.

M.M.: Do you have another project which you are working on now or is there something else coming in the future we should know about?

K.M.: Other then “Origins,” no, nothing other then my monthly contribution to the magazine.

M.M.: There are quite a few poets contributing to the site now. Do you have any favorites?

K.M.: Of my personal favorites, I would have to say that Sarah Wilson’s stories are great! As for poetry I’d say it’s a toss up between Jeff Young and Kevin Adams.

M.M.: What do you do with your life when you are not writing?

K.M.: I work; I work a lot! I pay my bills by working in a hospital Intensive Care Unit; that’s where I have met many of our current as well as past contributors. One would be surprised by how many of our contributors in fact work in the medical field.

M.M.: All right. I really want to thank you taking the time to talk to us, today. Is there anything we didn't cover that you would like to share with our readers?

K.M.: I want to thank everyone who reads my work and continues to enjoy it! I try to put my all into each and every piece that I create for hopefully everyone to enjoy.

M.M.: Great. Well, thank you again, Kevin. For all our readers out there, this is the Myth Master, saying, 'See you all, next time. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!'

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