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TITLE:The Legend of Cartwayne Twain and Other Tales and Poems
Author: Creep Creepersin

For those of you not familiar with Creepersin's work, he has previously shared with the world his brand of music which ranges from the wildly raucous head-banging sound of his band, to the thought provoking rhythm of his acoustical ballads. And as if we did not think him seriously demented enough by listening to his musical lyrics, he now drives yet another stake through our hearts with his first book of poetry and poetic tales. If I had to describe this work in one word, I think that word would have to be, 'Disturbing.'

"The Legend of Cartwayne Twain and Other Tales and Poems" opens a window into the dark and strangely twisted mind of Creep Creepersin, wherein he is finally able to share with the public his lifelong, deep-seated and night-shrouded visions of death, terror, anger and loss. This book is most definitely a 'Dark' read, yet it is also enlightening, as it affords the reader an opportunity to visit Creep's personal Stygian realm of demons and monsters without danger of becoming lost within it.

The poems contained within this book were originally written many years ago and Creep's feeling of abandonment and depression are readily apparent, as is his quest for a lost love. Even so, the reader may find touches of tenderness amid the lines of destruction and death that he writes about in his frustration and anger. And, as you read in 'About the Author,' Creep has at last found his love and his happiness.

This book is about a nightmare quest which many young people are forced to complete and Creep has given us a rare insight into his own haunted realm--a place from where many do not return. I suggest this book is a must read for any who battle their own demons, along with anyone who is curious about how such a battle is waged, and eventually won.

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