Interview with Creep Creepsin!
By: The Myth Master

Editors Note: This interview is uncensored and the language may offend some readers. If any of our readers are easily offended, I ask that you refrain from reading this interview.

Thank you, TDS.

Welcome everyone. It's the Myth Master here and today we have with us our very first Repeat guest. Last time he was here, Creep Creepersin talked about his music and his poetry, but he has been very busy this past year and has a lot of news to share with us. So let's welcome Creep Creepersin back to the Interview Booth.

M.M. Creep, I know you have been extremely busy with a number of projects since we last talked, but I would like to start today with your music. Tell our readers what's new from Creep Creepersin.

C.C. Well, thank you for having me back. My band, Creepersin, put out our second album, "Faster Creepersin Kill Kill," on Halloween. It has been doing great. It has the same sound as the first album but is a lot more "moody." I also released my first solo album, "Volume 13: Folk Songs for the Dead" on the same day and I have been very surprised that anyone is buying it. Not that it isn't good, but because it is an acoustic album and I didn't think that our fan base would receive it as well as they have. We have three new songs coming out on the "Frankenstein" soundtrack CD that I like a lot, and another new song on the "Welcome to Creepsville part 2: Creepsville's Revenge" that will be out by March. My band that is just me and Mrs. Creep, The Sci - Fi Originals first album, "Uranus Will Rule You," is being mastered right now and I expect that to be out before summer. So the music part of things is going quite well.

M.M. I've personally heard your "Folk Songs for the Dead" and found that quite different from your usual 'band' music. Which do you enjoy doing more, acoustic solo pieces or working with the band?

C.C. I honestly like the acoustic music better. I feel it more deep down inside. The band is great and I love doing live, loud shows and just rockin'' out, but the acoustic stuff is just such a much more emotional experience that it just changes my soul, especially when I play live acoustically. However, the new Creepersin stuff is becoming just as fulfilling because I've kind of changed things up a bit. We aren't just singing songs of old monster movies and things of that sort, but are almost inventing monsters for the struggles that I have inside of me, if that makes sense. And with me playing guitar now and Mrs. Creep on keys, the new sound is just sick. But, playing in SFO with Mrs. Creep is awesome because it is just me and her, so it's a blast! So in short (ha-ha), I like playing the acoustic stuff better--it is just harder to get good shows with that.

M.M. How have the reviews been for your new CDs?

C.C. Great! I can't belive it. There are some slower songs on the 'FCKK' album that I thought for sure our fans would just throw right back at us, but those are the songs that they like the best. Songs like "I Need More Blood," "In My Soul" and "I Loved Her So" have been getting a real positive response. Plus, "Dead Girls Not Dead" is getting a lot of radio air play. As for 'Folk Songs,' like I said, I didn't think anyone would listen to it, but that got really good reviews as well. And since we are hooked up on all those satellite radio things and stuff, it's getting played a lot--like on Sirius and XM. I was told that "Hacksaw" was played over the sound system at a mall the other day. It's a trip.

M.M. You have submitted some of your poetry to "The World of Myth" in the past and I understand that you now have a book out of both your poetry and prose work. Tell us about that.

C.C. Yes. The book is called "The Legend of Cartwayne Twain and other Tales and Poems". The main story, Cartwayne Twain, is told in five 'poem like' stories. I really love that story. I would love to make a movie out of it. Most of the book is told in the same story/poem fashion. I wrote it in 1999 and have been sitting on it because I have been waiting for artwork that I like. Every time I would show it to an artist they would all draw the same characters but they would always look so very different that finally I said, "Fuck it." If all of these people see so many different things, maybe I shouldn't muddy it up and just let the readers 'create' their own demons off of my stories. So I finally just put it out.

M.M. Is writing stories for a book much different or perhaps more difficult than writing songs?

C.C. Ya. I can write a song in a couple minutes--it is very formulatic. I have been doing it for so long that it just happens naturally. I have always wanted to write books, but could never emulate writers that I liked and that has always bothered the fucking hell out of me. And then I was just fucking around, writing as a joke, and came up with my own style without thinking about it. So now, I am very comfortable with it.

M.M. Did you enjoy writing the book and do you think there might be another one in you?

C.C. Writing that book was easy because I wrote it without thinking I was going to do anything with it. And yes, I am going to start to write more books now that I feel more comfortable with the medium. I am right now working on "The Blood Lust Romance Trilogy," which if you remember last year I was trying to make into a movie. It was a little too 'hard core' for the studios we were hitting up, so I have been making it into book form. I am half way through the second part called, "Blood Lust Revenge," and I hope it will be done and out by spring. I have a lot of ideas for books, I just need to make more time for them right now. I want to do a least a few more.

M.M. Would you do anything differently if you decide to write another book?

C.C. I think that I won't do another poetry type book for a while. For the time being I am just going to write books from the screenplays that are 'too much' for Hollywood to handle.

M.M. Here's a stock question. Who, if anyone has influenced your writing?

C.C. Well, my dad writes a lot. When I was a kid he would tell me his stories and that was a lot of fun. I remember that he introduced me to the writings of Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe and such. I used to love to look at all the covers of all those large, hardbound editions my dad had of those authors, and the Dune books. And I remember that as long as I washed my hands, I could flip through his copy of "Creepshow," which I loved because I loved comic books! So there is that. I love reading kid's monster books too. I had this book that I carried around with me for a very long time called, "How to Prevent Monster Attacks," which was great. Kid's monster books are just so damn kooky. I love Poe, Gorey, Burton; but really, the best writer in the damn world--I think--is Kurt Vonnegut! "Breakfast of Champions" is such a fantastic book.

M.M. Well, as if writing songs and then a book wasn't enough for anyone, you have also branched out into writing screenplays and making movies. Tell us what's going on in that area.

C.C. Well, we just finished my first feature film called, "Creep Creepersin's Frankenstein." It stars this new guy, James Porter, who is just so damn fantastic. I can't say enough good things about this guy. This is not the Frankenstein that everyone knows. It is about a mentally challenged, social loser and his pet rat, which is named Frankenstein. By me saying that, it sounds a lot more like "Willard," but this guy Victor just sits with his rat all day and watches old movies and can not in any way relate to real life, so whenever anything happens to him, he reacts in a way that is familiar to him from a movie that he has seen. He has no idea how to relate on his own. It is coming out direct to DVD and I hope our distributor gets it out before summer.

M.M. Any special reason you chose to remake "Frankenstein" for your first big movie effort?

C.C. Yes, a couple. For one, even though it has nothing at all to do with the Frankenstein which people know and love, I still see it as a remake because of the theme being the same--someone who wants to be loved more than anything, but is not being accepted and just misunderstood. On the other side, it's about someone who wants to create something that he thinks will give him fame or power or again, love. Frankenstein has always been close to my life, and I think that I will always understand the feelings of the misunderstood. I feel as though the monster and I are as one, sometimes.

M.M. The movie sounds great! We look forward to that. Is there possibly another film in the planning stage?

C.C. Yes. Two of my films are in preproduction right now. One is a fucked up movie called, "Gritty," and the other is a more mainstream thriller called "The California Three." I am also in talks with a couple of production companies to direct films for them in the near future, but that is up in the air right now. And I am shooting a video for a really popular metal band up here called Grynch. That video is going to be just awesome.

M.M. I hear there is a move for the family in the near future. Where are you heading, now?

C.C. We are moving away from the cold-ass Oregon weather, back to sunny and smoggy So Cal! We have been wanting to make this move for some time and things seem right for that now.

M.M. Does that mean there might be some Creep Creepersin shows in the Southern California area anytime soon?

C.C. Hopfully. I would like to do some Creepersin and SFO shows, but would really love to do some acoustic performances as well.

M.M. Well, we look forward to that. Switching subjects here, and I almost hate to bring this subject up, but can you tell us what happened to end your plans for 'Creeper Con' and if it might still happen?

C.C. Yes, I would love to get this out in the open. I have had so many people ask me about it and there have also been a lot of rumors going around that are just stupid. So this is what happened. The venue we were planning on using wanted $14,000 up front for the one weekend. Then when they found out how many people were going to show up, they wanted $22K. All of it up front, 6 months before the show. Then they wanted to charge us for chairs, tables, electricity, more security and so on and so on. Then we were approached by a very respectable venue in Portland. They were going to take care of everything and staff the event for us and the whole shebang. Then three months before the event, they tell us that our room which was supposed to hold 180 vendors can now only hold 20, and we could not have any of the live bands. This pissed me off, so instead of fighting it we cancelled the convention so the celebs could get booked for other events going on about the same time. We were told by other people who have put on cons in other areas and then tried to put them on here that it would never happen. But I don't like it when someone says that I can't do something, so I pushed and pushed and was humbled. It was very, very humbling to not be able to finish that project. It seemed that I had a limit, after all. We just wanted it to be huge! So fast forward to now, and the Creeper Con idea is still alive and well. I think we will do it in So Cal, though. Fuck the northwest with this idea--it just won't work. Maybe it could, but I don't think I can make it work up here. We will do it on a much smaller trial run to see if it will fly, and if it does well we do have some really big plans for it. We have been approached by a couple different parties to try to make it really different and special, and have kept in very close contact with the celebs we were using and things look great. So maybe next year, maybe the end of this year, but I will try it again.

M.M. We look forward to that, as well. Is there someplace our readers can go to get information about all of your projects and possibly purchase your CDs or book?

C.C. There are a lot of different sites up. You can go to or or or or or which will carry information about everything that I am doing. You can purchase things through my store at or just wait a couple months and the book will be in stores and on amazon and all that.

M.M. Okay. Is there anything we didn't cover that you would like to share with our readers?

C.C. Probably. I am such a whore. Last year was a great year and this year is going to be even better, so be on the look out for the movie, "Frankenstein," the CDs "Faster Creepersin Kill Kill," "Folk Songs for the Dead," and my book, "Cartwayne Twain" plus the SFO album "Uranus Will Rule You." Look for the sound track to "Frankenstein,"--which rocks--and more music, "Welcome to Creepsville Part 2," my next solo album, "Volume 4: The Untimely Death of Spade 13," and the second SFO album, "Uranus Strikes Back." And I will let this out now too. We are working on a double album right now for the band called, "Jeepers Creepersin, Double Featuresin!" that will be out no later than Halloween. In between now and then I will most likely start two new bands and run for congress, but who knows. I'm dumb like that. Thanks again sooooo much for having me back and BUY MY FUCKING BOOK!

M.M. Uh, yeah. Okay. Glad to hear that you are keeping busy. Well, we really want to thank Creep for joining us again today and be sure to let us know when "Frankenstein" will be available. Best of luck with all of your many, many projects. Stop back by again and let us know what is happening with everything.

Okay, gang, I guess that's about it for the Myth Master this month. I'll see you all next time and Happy New Year to you all!

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