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TITLE:I Am Legend
Author: Richard Matheson

'I Am Legend,' written by Richard Matheson, is an accomplished post-apocalyptic novel made all the more impressive by the fact it was first published back in 1954. One of the first and certainly the most brilliant fusions of horror and science fiction, 'I Am Legend' is a horror lovers delight.

Its powerful and disturbing reworking of the vampire myth has made it a classic and enduring novel which has had a profound impact on generations of writers, inspiring the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and George A Romero.

A story of isolation and determination, the reader is taken into the day to day life of Robert Neville, a man who may well be the last human on earth, as outside of his doors lurk hordes of vampires who wait until the sun goes down to search the streets for prey.

Even if you're not a fan of vampires and their ilk, you will likely still find ‘I Am Legend’ enjoyable, and maybe as I did, begin to wonder what you would do in Neville's place. 'I Am Legend' is a superb tale that deserves a place on every reader's bookshelf. Just don't read it before you go to bed - it's a little bit frightening.

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