Interview with Reaper Rick and Movie Goer Grim!
By: The Myth Master

Hey, everyone, it's the Myth Master here once again, welcoming you to "The World of Myth's" 30th Issue! We wanted to have a really Big special guest interview for this issue, but due to scheduling conflicts it didn't work out. Instead we have with us today two guys who have become regular fixtures here at the "The World of Myth," so let's welcome our very own movie reviewing team of Reaper Rick and Movie Goer Grim to the interview booth.

Rick: Hey, there, Myth Master.

Grim: Thanks for having us.

M.M: Glad to have you. So to start off, how do you guys choose the movies that you’ll review?

Grim: Well, I have a list of movies that will be coming to the theaters and to DVD, so I just pick the ones on that list that catch my eye.

M.M: Okay, what about you Rick?

Rick: I've been a movie fan most of my life and have a huge collection of videos and DVDs. If I don't have a chance to see any new movies I just pick a few from my collection to review. Most of those I at least like.

M.M: This question is for either of you. Is it true that the original concept of the Movie Reviews was suppose to be more like Ebert & Roeper?

Rick: It is like those guys, except we use Hangman's Nooses and Howls of Pleasure instead of a Thumbs up or down.

Grim: You know, come to think of it, I recall Mr. Scheerer saying something about it when he hired me on. But it never happened, although I’m not very sure as to why.

Rick: I think the main reason we didn't do a 'Ebert & Roeper' type of show is that due to our schedules Grim and I could rarely get together to review the same movies side by side. Anyway, the way we do it now the readers get more reviews to look over every issue.

M.M: This is for Rick again, so just how did you get the gig with the Movie Reviews?

Rick: I knew Editor Scheerer from years ago, back before he started working with "The World of Myth." He was aware of how much I enjoyed film and when the need arose for Movie Reviewers, he asked me if I would like to join this little group.

M.M: All right, this one is for Grim, so how come they have replaced you twice; once with Balcony Betty and then with Movieman Russo and yet you’re still here?

Grim: You don’t sound too happy about that, Myth Master.

M.M: Hey, it’s a fair question.

Grim: I have a very hectic schedule outside of the Movie Reviews, and at two different times I felt that I wouldn’t be able to find time to watch and review movies. So they brought in those other two to cover for me.

M.M: So do either of you two know exactly what happened to Movieman Russo? He did a couple of reviews and then "POOF!" he was gone.

Rick: Other things got in the way to occupy his time, I guess.

Grim: Yeah, what Rick said.

M.M: When did you guys first become interested in doing movie reviews?

Rick: Well, years ago I did movie reviews for a small, family-owned video store close to where I used to live. They put out a newsletter every month with 'News and Reviews' of upcoming flicks and I got to watch the new movies before they came out on video (this was way before DVDs), so I could do the reviews for the newsletter.

Grim: Actually, this is a first for me. I heard that they were ‘HIRING’ for the job, and I thought that this was a paying gig. Boy was I wrong.

M.M: Well, sorry for the disappointment, Grim. Some of our readers have wanted to know just where your names came from. Would you care to tell us?

Grim: Umm, my mom I believe. She was an avid moviegoer and she got knocked up one night at a ‘DRIVE-IN’ theater. So she named me Movie Goer Grim--it was either that or That Little Bastard.

M.M: Wow! Really?

Grim: Na, I just made it up.

M.M: Cute Grim. Okay, how about you Rick?

Rick: Guess you mean the 'Reaper' part, huh? I don't know. I just wanted something that sort of matched up with 'Rick' and had some sort of horror connotation to it. 'Reaper' just sort of happened. Funny thing is Grim and I came up with our names separately and didn't even realize how they might look together until afterwards. You know, Grim and Reaper--Grim Reaper.

M.M: Ahh, yes. Interesting. So what kind of movies do you guys like to watch on your own, and why?

Grim: I think you can tell from my reviews that I like movies that are developed from comics--Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four--stuff like that. Course not all comics made into movies turn out all that great, but some do. I like action flicks and horror if it's done well. Some science fiction and fantasy, too. I'm looking forward to seeing 'Ghostrider.'

Rick: I enjoy movies that have more than one element to them. I like science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, drama and comedy, but the movie is even better if it contains a couple or more of those elements. Like the movie, 'Serenity.' That's a great sci-fi flick, but it also has action, drama and comedy. As well as the 'Pirates' trilogy and 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow', too. Johnny Depp is classic in those. Fantasy, action, drama and of course, comedy. The more of those elements you have in a movie, the more viewers it is going to attract.

M.M: Okay, next question–

Rick: And then there's Horror, and I use a capital 'H' with that. I mean real, classic-style horror movies, not the cheap 'slasher' flicks that are so prevalent today which use blood and torture to scare people. Those movies are about Terror, not Horror. Now 'The Grudge' was a good recent Horror movie--suspenseful, tension filled and frightening. Cool. 'Dark Water' was also actually quite good--and 'Silent Hill.' Combine good horror with sci-fi and you get movies like 'Alien,' 'The Ghosts of Mars' and 'Event Horizon.' Cool flicks, those.

Grim: Hey, sorry, but I have to cut this interview short--they just sat out the Nachos! I'm outta here!

Rick: Yeah, like we care.

M.M: Uh, all right, Grim, thanks for coming by. Now as I was saying, Rick, you published a story here in "The World of Myth" some time ago. Are there plans for any future tales from you?

Rick: Oh, it's always a possibility, but I don't have anything planned right at the moment.

M.M: I see. All right, well, we really want to thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us, today, Rick. Is there anything we didn't cover that you might want to say to our readers before we call it a wrap?

Rick: Well, I hope our readers can tell the difference between a 'Great' movie--one that you would watch over and over again--and a 'popcorn' movie, which is a flick you might watch once and then be done with it because there is nothing 'great' about it. "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Now those were Great movies and I have watched all of them numerous times and will no doubt watch them all many times again. Flicks like 'Saw,' 'Hostel,' 'The Devil's Rejects,' those you might watch once--although I wasn't able to get all the way through any of them--but may never watch again because they weren't worth watching the first time. You get to choose in Life what you watch; no one forces you into a theatre to watch a movie or makes you rent a DVD. If you want to see better movies in the future, support the ones that are worth supporting now--the ones that are worth watching, the ones that say something to you. Now get out there and watch some 'Good' movies!

M.M:: Great. Okay, gang, that is a 'Wrap' for this month. We want to once again thank Reaper Rick and Movie Goer Grim for taking the time to visit with us and we wish the best to both of them. 'Til next time, it's the Myth Master, signing off and... Hey! Save me some of that nacho cheese!

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