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TITLE:The Greenhouse Murders
Author: L.M. Mercer

With "The Greenhouse Murders," L.M. Mercer completely rejuvenated the genre which I feel to be horror's most important, primal, and soul-stirring--the old fashioned Ghost Story. This book is also a creepy, psychological thriller. It's a mesmerizing page-turner with lush descriptions and some truly unforgettable characters and relationships, and it imprints the mind with images both beautiful and horrific.

It begins with Justin and Susan Anders, a couple who moved from 'The City' into an old Victorian cottage located in the New England countryside. Susan is currently researching the legend of the "Warning Killer," a serial killer who has struck every twenty-five years for the last century, always leaving a young couple brutally murdered. Not long after they arrive, the two learn there might be more to the urban legend than Susan originally believed and discover that they must solve the mystery of the previous murders and set things right or else become the killer's latest victims.

If what you seek is a bizarre romance story, go ahead and give this book a read; you will not be disappointed. A Hardback copy of L.M. Mercerís book, "The Greenhouse Murders" may be purchased at Barnes and, Amazon, Borders, Target, as well as our own Myth Mart.

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