...Welcome to our 31st Double Issue!!! Enjoy this months as we celebrate The World of Myth's 3rd Anniversary, with Double features...... of the new stories, artwork, poems, and a little bit of everything...So come join in on the fun!!! ...The World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World of Myth

    Be Well Come to our Third Anniversary Issue of "The World of Myth" and the start of our Fourth Year of Publication! We have a Big issue for you this month, as well as some news to share with everyone.

    First up in the Fantasy Section Adam Janus returns with a new story as does Trevor Sanders, and I would like to announce that Trevor was voted his first Member of the Month honors last issue. Congratulations, Trevor!

    Our Featured Writer this issue is the prolific author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    In the Horror Section, Sarah Wilson and Kevin Adams both offer up new terrors for your pleasure and David K. Montoya shares another chapter of 'The End,' as well as a short humor piece.

    Poets Steve Bolin, Randolph R. Lofgren, Kevin Magnus and Rebecca C. Lofgren all share their work, while in the Art Gallery Michael A. Sauve, Jessica Rinaldo and Dan Moran all return with new art.

    Grim and Reaper are back with more movie reviews and the book review this issue is L.M. Mercer's "The Greenhouse Murders." L.M. also sits down with the Myth Master for an interview, as does our Featured Writer, Sherrilyn Kenyon And when all else is said and done don't forget to stop by the 'Months in Myth' to see what's up this summer.

    Publication Notices:

    Kevin Adams and Steve Bolin's fantasy novel, "Black Rising," may be purchased at

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John), "Blood Atonement," may be purchased at,

    L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders," may be purchased here in the Myth Mart.

    Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" may also be purchased here in the Myth Mart.

    Now I must share some personal news with you. This will be the last issue of "The World of Myth" for which I shall be Editor in Chief. After three years and more than 30 issues I am stepping down from this post due to recurring health concerns. I have enjoyed my tenure here at TWoM and wish to thank everyone involved in this publication for their support and encouragement, especially during the rough times we shared together. I also wish to thank the readers for their continued support, and a special 'Thank You' should go out to all the readers who purchased a copy of my book, "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night," from the Myth Mart. It is especially gratifying to know that so many of you felt my efforts were worthwhile and the thousands of hours I spent working on this magazine and in writing my book were so well received by all of you.

    I certainly wish continued success to David K. Montoya and "The World of Myth," as well as to the new Editor in Chief. In the future I will attempt to periodically submit new material to the magazine, but I will no longer be a regular contributor.

    And so, for the final time, I most sincerely hope that you...


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    "Plague me no more." Slate tumbled down the hillside with every beleaguered step Azurius forced himself to make. The gnarled ruin of his knee wrenched into wobbly motion. No sane man would ascend this hill... Click Here for Trevor Sanders' A Place For Dying
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