Interview with L.M. Mercer!
By: The Myth Master

Welcome, everyone. It's the Myth Master here and we have a special treat for you this issue; an Interview with L.M. Mercer, author of the novel "The Greenhouse Murders" as well as a long time contributor to our magazine. I would like to welcome Ms. Mercer back to "The World of Myth."

M.M.: Ms. Mercer, when did you first start writing stories?

L.M.: I first began writing stories when I was still in elementary school and continued throughout high school; although none of them were very good, they were the beginning. I took a break for a while when I started college and then started up again as an English 1A assignment. That story is the beginning of what “The World of Myth” readers know as “The Letter”.

M.M.: What writers, if any, have influenced your own writing?

L.M.: Of course other writers have influenced my work--how can someone read as much as I do and not have it effect their own writing? Let's see, E. A. Poe of course, Nora Roberts and P. C. Cast to name a few. The list is truly too long to detail here.

M.M.: Do you have a specific genre you prefer to write in, and why?

L.M.: Gee, that’s a tough one to answer. I don’t know that I write within one genre at a time; more often than not I combine different genres within one story. Take “The Greenhouse Murders” for an example--it has elements of mystery, suspense, horror and romantic genres all within one story. So like I said before, that’s a hard question to answer. Plus, there really isn’t a genre that I like more than others; there are genres that are easier for me to write than others but I think its that way for everyone.

M.M.: What type of books do you enjoy reading in your spare time?

L.M.: *chuckles* I guess you haven’t looked at my home library lately. I have nearly a thousand books and there are some from almost every genre. I would just have to say that it depends on what mood I am in. If I have to list three types I would have to say—romance, mystery/suspense/thriller and fantasy. But keep in mind that most of my books fall within more than one genre at a time. *chuckles again* I guess there just isn’t a simple answer, is there?

M.M.: Do you ever use any personal experiences in working out plot lines for your stories and in a second part to this question, does your own personality ever cross over into a character’s makeup?

L.M.: For the first part of that question, the answer is yes and no. I haven’t put any of my personal experiences into my fictional stories but I have used them (or at least one of them) in a nonfictional story that I wrote. I would love to say that no I never put any of myself or the people around me, into my characters but that wouldn’t be true. I have found that I do tend to, unintentionally mind you, add a lot of my traits and the traits of my closest friends into my characters. Lets take Susan from “The Greenhouse Murders” as an example. I found out, after a good friend of mine read through the first few chapters, that I had given her several of my mannerisms, personality traits, a bit of my sarcastic nature and even some of my speech patterns. As a side note, some of said friend’s personality ended up in Justin.

M.M.: Sometime later after coming to "The World of Myth" your popularity expanded when you started working on a monthly series called "The Greenhouse Murders." After the 12 chapters were completed you seem to have disappeared. What happened--where did you go?

L.M.: Well, you know, life happened. My daughter had some health issues that required my attention; as much as I love writing, my family always comes first. Then I met, feel in love with and married my soul mate. Plus, do you know how hard it is to write new stories while you are expanding and editing one for publication in novel form. Not to mention that one of the stories I wrote in my “hiatus” from “The World of Myth” is not, umm, “suitable” (for lack of a better word) for this web site. Also, I have been working on several projects that aren’t quite ready for publication yet.

M.M.: Okay, so a project you just finished working on is also called, "The Greenhouse Murders." Is that a sequel to the year long story you did here at The World of Myth?

L.M.: Nope, it's not a sequel. In essence it is the same story, only more so. It is the complete unabridged story. Because of time and space constraints we used a scaled down version of the story on “The World of Myth.” With the hardback novel I was able to add in the “fluff;” the little bit extra that while not essential to tell of the tale, makes the story richer and the characters more “real.” It’s sort of like the “Reader’s Digest” version went up monthly on the web site and the unabridged version was released by Dark Myth Productions. If that makes sense.

M.M.: Do you have another project that you are working on now, or is there something coming in the near future we should know about?

L.M.: *shakes head and laughs* Yeah, I guess you could say I have a few projects I am working on right now. I have two short stories started. Another story that will be like “GHM” in that it will most likely be released as a serial on “The World of Myth.” Not to mention the new novel I am working on and the possibility of a collections book of my short stories and poetry; pieces that have been up on “The World of Myth” and some that haven’t been published yet. Hopefully, *fingers crossed* I will have some new stories on “The World of Myth” in upcoming issues.

M.M.: If any of our readers might wish to reach you, how would they go about that and where are your books available for purchase?

L.M.: They can drop me a line on the forum here at “The World of Myth” of course. If they have a MySpace account they can drop by my site there (, and for those who are familiar with deviantArt they can reach me there ( ) or they can e-mail me directly at which I set up just for my readers. Plus I hope to have a web site of my own in the near future and then they will be able to reach me through that.

M.M.: What do you do with your life when you are not writing?

L.M.: Well, before April I was a mom/nurse/author and now I am a mom/newlywed wife/step-mom/nurse/author. Boy, my life is busy.

M.M.: All right. I really want to thank you taking the time to talk to us, today. Is there anything we didn't cover that you would like to share with our readers?

L.M.: Let me think. A pearl of wisdom? Oh, I’ve got it. Never give up. No matter what happens, no matter what others say. Never give up. If you have a dream, never give up--you can do anything you put your mind to. Look at me; I had a dream and I have succeeded. Actually, I had a couple of dreams and I have overcome the obstacles in my path and have accomplished my dreams. Also, never stop dreaming.

M.M.: Great. Well, thank you again, L.M. Mercer. I hope to see more of your work soon, both here at "The World of Myth," as well as in our local bookstores and we wish you continued success with your writing.

Okay, gang, that's it from the Myth Master. I'll 'see' ya next time.

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