Welcome to our creepiest issue ever!!! Enjoy this month as we celebrate Halloween with special additions to our horror section! Plus don't forget to check all of the new stories, artwork, and poems..So come join in on the fun!!! World of Myth!...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Welcome to "The World of Myth's" Halloween edition!

    Enter friend and make yourself at home. There are no tricks here, only treats – so sit back, relax and allow us to entertain you.

    To begin with, I want to congratulate Kevin Adams on winning our 2007 Member of the Year award. To recognize this achievement, we will give him a special prize – but more about that later. Kevin returns this month with a seasonal tale called Helloween, located in the Horror section.

    In Action/Adventure Zed Holt experiments with space/time distortions in Rifts while David K. Montoya serves up a disturbing double dose of chapters in the The End saga. I round out the Horror section with the sounds and smells of Smoke Scream and Slepter Zephyr sees publication for the first time anywhere as he writes The Perfect Story for our Humor section.

    Our new Assistant Editor, T.G. Browning, introduces himself with Need to Know, the first two portions of a five part fantasy series. He also visits our Humor section with a surprising scientific discovery in Shakespearean Solution. New to TWoM, long time writer Elise Skidmore rounds out our collection of short story treats with The Devil Hath Charms, a depiction of one woman's slippery grasp on sanity.

    Our poetry section this month has a fine selection to choose from. Sarah Wilson, Ellen Millman, Kevin Magnus and Rebecca C. Lofgren all share their prose with a wide range of emotions, from haunting to temptation. Check 'em out.

    We have a new line up of writers taking over our columns. Grim writes his last review and 'Pixilated Polly' begins her reign by giving us the scoop on some oldie-but-goodie films in Movie Reviews. The new Myth Master interrogates his first victim, yours truly, in his Interviews column. T.G. Browning critiques David Eddings in his Featured Writer column and Book Reviews reprints a 2006 newspaper article which reports its opinion of Black Rising, a novel of high fantasy by Kevin Adams & Steve Bolin.

    In the art gallery we have eye candy from Dan Moran, Michael A. Sauve, and Jessica Rinaldo. Say thanks by voicing your opinions at the poll accompanying each illustration.

    In other news, Dark Myth Publications announces the release of the highly anticipated The World of Myth anthology. This first volume contains stories and poems selected by DMP and its staff, drawn from fan favorites, and represent a number of regular TWoM writers. It should be available later this month.

    Last month, The World of Myth said goodbye to Terry Scheerer, long time editor and friend to many. As the new Editor in Chief I will not attempt to fill his shoes but I will try to fill his position. He brought this magazine to a higher standard of professionalism during the previous three years. Following his example of always striving to improve, I have made a few changes which will help us achieve the goal of publishing excellence.

    First up, both current and potential contributors to our magazine are encouraged to review the newly revised Submission Guidelines. Next it has been decided that, until further notice, each Member of the Month winner will be awarded a prize, which will take the form of either $20 cash or an equivalent Myth Mart gift certificate. Additionally, the winner of the Member of the Year award will receive both the abovementioned prize and a guaranteed spot in the next scheduled publication of TWoM anthology, Volume Two, selected from one of their previous submissions.

    For reader convenience, I have implemented an 'Author Search' engine with the help of our Publisher, David K. Montoya. This new feature is designed to help fans find stories written by their favorite authors more quickly and easily. Over time, I expect to see the engine grow in size and usefulness as we add new and previous contributors. If successful, I hope to expand it to include artists as well. I ask that everyone be patient as this tool continues to be developed.

    There is one final matter that I need to address. All the positions on TWoM staff have been filled except one – the Book Review columnist. Reaper Rick has asked for a replacement, leaving his column open to the most qualified candidate. Anyone interested in joining our staff as Book Review columnist should submit a resume to me at the e-mail link below. Please note that this position may be prestigious but it is a voluntary venture. In other words, no one on our staff receives monetary compensation for their efforts, and that includes the Editor in Chief. Though there are perks, our pay takes the form of pride and satisfaction in producing a high quality product which is freely available to anyone who happens to drop by.

    I think that about covers everything. Now then, as Terry has always said…


    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief


    The World of Myth sends out its condolences to the friends, family and fans of recently deceased Robert Jordan. Mr. Jordan was most noted for his New York Times Best Selling series, The Wheel of Time. To learn more about Jordan and his work, follow these links: or

    The Editor's Favorite Forum Comment:


    Kevin Adams

    Aug 7, 07 - 7:30 PM

    Editor In-Chief

    Dear Terry,

    The creatures of the night cry out at your loss. All the demons in the underworld are really angry. And for once in their lives the cute and fluffy bunnies of the world feel safe.

    My words can not contain the proper thanks that you deserve. You are a friend and have been great at providing both correction and inspiration.

    E-mail me anytime.


    Kevin D. Adams
    Author / TWoM Contributor

    Publication Notices:

    Kevin Adams and Steve Bolin's fantasy novel, "Black Rising," may be purchased at:

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John), "Blood Atonement," may be purchased at:

    L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders," and Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams" may both be purchased in the Myth Mart.

    Look for The World of Myth's anthology later this month. When it becomes available it may also be purchased from our Myth Mart.

    If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly, helpful staff members.

    The World of Myth Staff

    David K. Montoya: Owner & Publisher –

    Steve Bolin: Editor in Chief –

    T.G. Browning: Assistant Editor & 'Featured Writer– columnist '

    Kevin Adams: 'Interviews' columnist –

    Sarah Wilson: 'Creative Staff' columnist –

    Pixilated Polly: 'Movie Reviews' columnist –

    Open Position: 'Book Review' columnist –

    Larry Walton: Circulation Manager –

    HAPPY HALLOWEN from The World of Myth!

    Story of the Month

    Max Arabia rested comfortably in a high-backed, leather chair. The seat sat beside his desk and faced the freshly cleaned office window. The panoramic scenery of Indianapolis was magnificent, especially when viewed from the top-floor penthouse of his company office… Click Here for Steve Bolin's Smoke Scream!

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