..Here it is issue 34 of the World of Myth! Just when you think we have given you everything, we break out more..So come and see what's the...World Of Myth!...

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  • Welcome to The World of Myth!

    The vote is in! More than 90% of you really like our new look.

    When our readers speak, TWoM listens. We have larger, easier-to-read fonts and black on white contrast. Add to all of this to a slick, new logo and The World of Myth looks better than ever. The sole purpose of our existence is to bring you top quality stories, poems, columns and artwork from the best authors we can find. So keep sending in your suggestions for improvement.

    Allow me to immediately direct your attention to our Myth Mart where you can now order a copy of the 2008 TWoM calendars, which features spectacular artwork from talented TWoM artists. While you�re there, be sure to show your support for our magazine and authors by pre-ordering a copy of our TWoM Anthology. It features a variety of stories from some of our top writers during the last three years, including humor, fantasy, suspense and horror.

    With Larry Walton focusing his efforts with Dark Myth Publications, TWoM is proud to announce the addition of Carlo Cruz to our staff as the new Circulation Manager. Carlo is a 39 year old computer technician originally from Manila, Philippines and now hails out of the high deserts of California. Mr. Cruz can be reached at or his personal web page at:

    By now you�re no doubt wondering what tasty morsels we have to offer you in this issue. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and relax as our assortment of treats includes enough variety to satisfy everyone. Let�s take a look at the entertainment that awaits you within these pages.

    Our fantasy section is filled with flights of the imagination. First up is the highly anticipated conclusion of T.G. Browning�s Need to Know. Next, Andrew McDonald, published for the first time anywhere, takes a glimpse at unwavering courage in A Good Day to Die. John Miller completes the section with Dream Cadaver, a tale with an unusual twist on angelic beings.

    In our Horror section, I submit part 1 of Talk Show, wherein a greedy husband has been blamed for murder by the unlikeliest of accusers. Kelly James, who won our Member of the Month prize for December, adds Dead Lands � Part 1. This thriller is a prequel to his well received zombie tale, Dead Glow, published last month. It looks to be a promising series.

    Action/Suspense introduces Kevin Miller, another never-before-published author, who shows us a glimpse of what might lie beyond The Portal. David K. Montoya is here too, revealing the end of The End � Story Two. This is the climatic finale you�ve been waiting for, so don�t miss it.

    Humor brings yet another newcomer to TWoM. Jezzy Wolfe explores a most baffling coffee enigma in The Mysteriously Maddeningly Magically Missing Mocha... uh... Mystery.

    In Poetry, Michael Suave returns with two fresh pieces of prose for your reading delight. Mariletta Hunsford also re-joins this issue with a poetic tribute to the city of Shiraz.

    In the Art department we see the lavishly displayed talents of Rebecca C. Lofgren, Michael Sauve and Dan Moran, all of whom are returning artists, each presenting new illustrations. Newcomer Kelly Shook appears here as well to offer her own visual delight.

    Our staff writers have all returned with new columns this issue. Two of the four columns introduce up-and-coming author Paco Ahlgren. The Myth Master was temporarily released from the sanitarium long enough to delve into Paco�s mind with an interview that gives us a peek into, among other things, what it takes to be a successful author

    For Book Reviews, Kelly James offers his insight on Discipline, Ahlgren�s first novel. He also reviews Richard Layman�s Darkness, Tell Us and takes a look at the paranormal romance, Blood Atonement, written by our very own Sara Saint John.

    T.G. Browning writes a well researched article on Lloyd Biggle, Jr., a science fiction author of some note, in the Featured Writer column. There is a treasure trove of books here so check out this section and see which novels Mr. Browning recommends most.

    Last, but not least, Pixilated Polly writes up an interesting Movie Review column. Here, she reports on her most recent visits to the theater, covering The Mist, Beowulf, & Sweeny Todd. By the looks of this column, Polly should consider investing stock in her local Cineplex.

    I�d also like to take a moment to direct the attention of both current and future contributors to the newly revised Submission Guidelines. Please make sure that you read them carefully before submitting any stories, poetry or art. The amendments have been made to help improve the quality of our magazine and encourage a deeper commitment from all of our writers.

    As a reminder to our readers, be sure to vote on every poem, story or piece of artwork. Our artists and writers crave feedback, so tell them what you think on our forum. Also, if you haven�t done so already, sign up for our mailing list and make sure you never miss a single issue of the exciting World of Myth.

    Well, I think that about covers everything for this issue.

    May your journey through these Myth-stical pages be rewarding.

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief

    * * *

    Editor�s Favorite Forum Comment:


    John Miller

    Dec 12, 07 - 9:44 PM

    New Look  
    I love the new look, which is saying a lot because I thought the "old look" was great! Some of the words are pale and don't STAND out when you look at them, but it fits the motif, I think. I'm happy (like you wouldn't believe) to have a story here, and I think "Mine" and "Dead Glow" rock as horror stories! "In the Heartland" is done with surgical finesse, and "Good Rules for Writing and Submitting" is not only hilarious... it hurts (because I've done every one of those taboos and am still doing it in this posted message). "Ayot Nom" looks awesome with political intrigue and action/adventure as only a Samurai sword can deliver. Is there anything bad about "TWoM?" Other than this long post I just wrote, NO!! This place ROCKS!! ROCK ON!!

    Publication Notices:

    Creep Creepersin�s new �sick and twisted� book, Blood Lust Romance, is now available, as is L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders," Terry Sheerer�s Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night and Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams."

    Not only is the The World of Myth Magazine's 2008 Calendar now available to adorn your home or office wall, but the upcoming TWoM Anthology can be pre-ordered as well. These are perfect gifts for friends or family so stop by and check them out.

    All these products and more may be located in the Myth Mart.� Show your support for our web site by purchasing our author�s books and TWoM merchandise.

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John), "Blood Atonement," may be purchased at:

    * *  *

    If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly, helpful staff members.

    The World of Myth Staff

    David K. Montoya: Owner & Publisher �

    Steve Bolin:   Editor in Chief �

    T.G. Browning: �Featured Writer� columnist �

    Kevin Adams: �Interviews� columnist �

    Sarah Wilson: �Movie Reviews� columnist �

    Kelly James:  �Book Review� columnist �

    Carlo Cruz:  Circulation Manager �

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

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    Ah, there it was, sitting on my desk, waiting to baptize my throat in its warm, tingly rejuvenation. My most beloved morning ritual always sparked in me such an elation that remained comparable only with the likes of bungee hopscotch and high velocity yodeling. Without my badass barista blended beverage, my days would plummet into a tumultuous excursion... Click Here for Jezzy Wolfe's The Mysteriously Maddeningly Magically Missing Mocha... uh... Mystery

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