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  • Welcome to The World of Myth!

    Well fans, it’s no April Fool’s joke, your wait is over. On behalf of our entire staff, I am pleased to announce that TWoM Anthology is here at last. The very best that TWoM has to offer is nestled in the pages of this book. Some of our top authors, representing a generous array of genres, can be found here. This will make a great gift for friends, family or yourself. It’s a fantastic addition to any library. Check it out in the Myth Mart.

    Congratulations are in order for David K. Montoya, our February winner for the coveted Member of the Month award. Good job David; fame and fortune are now yours to enjoy!

    There’s something here for everyone. But that’s just part of what makes this magazine so special. We have incredible writers, top-notch poets and talented artists. And, of course, the most important element of any magazine is its readers. Thanks to everyone who reads, votes, subscribes or comments on our forum.

    We have another exciting issue for our readers so let’s get started. Each section is a catacomb of adventure, waiting for you to explore. Choose your path and enter another world.

    Horrotica’s Editor in Chief, Terry Scheerer, recounts an unsettling childhood memory in Squid Kid. Kelly James continues part two of his disturbing Dead Land series with The Experiment. I present the answer to what might be a nagging conscious with the conclusion of Talk Show – Part 2. Newcomer Jen Reiman submits a flash fiction piece called Imaginary Friend while our own Sarah Wilson Basore lovingly crafts The Portal, a story which pays tribute to the eerie style of H.P. Lovecraft.

    Learn the secret of good weather and good crops in The Harvest by L.M. Mercer. Join John Miller as he writes about a most unusual end-of-the-world scenario in Summoning the Reapers, our featured story for this issue. Kevin Adams and I offer a sample chapter of Black Rising, a novel of high fantasy.

    T.G. Browning brews up a mysterious villain and a curious detective in Book of the Month Club. Kevin Miller responds to last month’s forum comments and continues his story with The Portal – Part 2. Charlotte Emma Gledson debuts here for the first time with Paranoia, a story that might leave you wondering if someone really is out to get you. Lastly, Marileta Hunsford takes us into the future with the series premiere of The Sapphire House – Part 1.

    This section sees the return of Jezzy Wolfe as she again displays her comedic talents in Mad Milly’s Sunday in a Nutshell. I have a feeling that this may not be the last we see of Milly.

    Here, we are once again graced by the always poetic Michael Sauve and Marileta Hunsford. Danny Peterson, Kayla Bently and Nicholas G. Powell join them, all seeing print for the first time anywhere.

    Dan Moran provides a thought provoking piece this issue while Michael Sauve shows just how “Bad” good artwork can be.

    Interviews: After a long and vicious pursuit, the bloodthirsty Myth Master has finally sunk his claws into David K. Montoya, owner of TWoM and its parent company, Dark Myth Productions. Here, for the first time, the Myth Master takes on an apprentice, to train him in the ways of the dark arts. Learn David’s most blunt answer when he is asked the “taboo question.”

    Book Reviews: If you’re looking for a good novel, check out this month’s column by Kelly James. Read his insightful comments as he reviews Stephen King’s newly released Duma Key and The Conqueror Worms by Brian Keen.

    Featured Writer: In this issue’s Books of Distinction, T.G. Browning discusses a particularly noteworthy author, Jack Chalker. Does Chalker measure up to Browning’s scrutiny? Find out whether this novelist gets a seal of approval from our discerning columnist.

    Movie Reviews: Polly just got her Way-Back machine out of the shop and uses it this issue to take us on an interesting trip. Ride along with her as she watches the progression of I Am Legend through 3 different versions in time.

    As always, the authors ask that you vote honestly on their polls and post constructive comments in the Forum section. Be sure to recommend our site to friends, family and budding authors, poets and artists. Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way for us to grow so spread the news.

    Finally, I’d like to send out a special farewell to Gary Gygax, creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons role playing game (RPG). Considering Gary’s good natured sense of humor, it would not be out of line to say that he passed on after failing his saving throw. With more than 30 years of working with the most popular RPG in the industry, Gary has earned enough experiance to voyage to a higher plane.

    Gary, you will be deeply missed.

    That’s enough for now. Choose a path and begin reading.

    Your adventure awaits.

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief

    * * *

    Editor’s Favorite Forum Comment:



    Feb 9, 08 - 11:00 AM
    Story of the Month Jezzy Wolfe

    I wanted to say hi to Jezzy Wolfe and I really liked here The Mysteriously Maddeningly Magically Missing Mocha... uh... Mystery!

    John Miller

    Feb 10th, 2008 - 12:30 AM
    Re: Story of the Month Jezzy Wolfe

    The story was PURE GENIUS!! Plus she's a fantastic writer!!
    Kelly James

    Feb 10th, 2008 - 4:40 AM
    Re: Story of the Month Jezzy Wolfe

    The Coffee addict story (as I refer to it) is only the tip of the Iceburg when it comes to Jezzy's stories. I've had to privilege to read most of everything she has written and I firmly believe she is the best female writer I've ever read.

    BTW, the "(Humorous look at bad writing and submiting)" tag beneath her story is not supposed to be there.

    Feb 10th, 2008 - 8:45 AM
    Re: Story of the Month Jezzy Wolfe

    I agree with all of the above, great story!


    BTW: What tags are you talking about Mr. James, I didn't see anything like that?

    Feb 12th, 2008 - 10:05 AM
    Re: Story of the Month Jezzy Wolfe

    Thanks right back at you! If I've managed to produce any chuckles, then all the coffee makes it worthwhile. I may even have to start drinking more coffee.

    I'm honored you all enjoyed it.

    * * *

    Publication Notices:

    Creep Creepersin’s new “sick and twisted” book, Blood Lust Romance, is now available, as is L.M. Mercer's novel, "The Greenhouse Murders," Terry Sheerer’s Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night and Rebecca C. Lofgren's "Book of Dreams."

    Not only is the The World of Myth Magazine's 2008 Calendar now available to adorn your home or office wall, now the newly released TWoM Anthology can be ordered as well. These are perfect gifts for friends or family so stop by and check them out.

    All these products and more may be located in the Myth Mart.  Show your support for our web site by purchasing our author’s books and TWoM merchandise.

    Sarah Wilson's novel (writing as Sara Saint John), "Blood Atonement," may be purchased at:

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    If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our friendly, helpful staff members.

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    Story of the Month

    She died with a contented smile. We’d just made love.

    Just like that, with no warning, she was gone. We were at Lookout Point. My fiancé sat next to me in my car, snuggled close, and her hand brushed my cheek. She murmured, “I love you,” and her eyes closed... Click Here for John Miller's Summoning the Reapers

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