Interview with David K. Montoya!
By: The Myth Master

Greetings to you my children of the night! Kevin ‘Myth Master’ Adams has returned to quench your thirst for blood! If you would please join me in my dungeon for what will be my most gruesome, torture-filled interview yet. I intend to be relentless in my pursuit of the most in-depth questions ever asked. And to tell the truth, I could not be happier to grill my next victim… literally.

Please welcome him with cries for blood and requests for his head on a pike.

Our fearless leader of the World of Myth website:

Master David K. Montoya

MM: Hello David and welcome. Please do not get the impression that because of your status here at TWoM that I shall cut you even the smallest amount of slack. As a matter of fact I have brought in a special guest ‘apprentice’ to help with your—session. Joining me in the dungeon is Kyle Ringle who had the idea to capture… I mean interview… David in the first place. Kyle was all too eager to submit some of his own probing questions for our resident chieftain.

Let us begin; the hounds of hell grow hungry for Dave’s entrails.

DKM: I wouldn’t have it any other way and thank you for having me, Mr. Myth Master and Apprentice Kyle. I am ready for inquisitive flogging.

KR: My biggest question is this: if he owns a web site magazine like ‘The World of Myth’ – Why does he never have anything to say? Or the magazine never says anything about him?

DKM: That’s an interesting question Kyle. I actually have a lot to say about The World of Myth; it’s just not publicly heard. I work closely with Steve Bolin, who is the Editor in Chief of this magazine. If there is something I feel that needs to be said it is the EiC’s job to employ my thoughts to all of you. It’s a public relations issue basically.

As far as the second half of that question, the magazine was never intended to exploit me or my doings. It was created for everyone who has a creative flair. It’s a place where they can develop their skill and receive educational feedback from other creative people, while at the same time producing an electronic medium for the common reader to enjoy.

KR: What is going on with the ‘Body Bag’ movie?

DKM: The status of that project has been moved to a Yellow Light, which means it’s on hold. We are having some legal issues with that project and are fighting to resolve these problems, quickly, so we can make it a green light project once again and push forward in making this movie.

KR: The Dark Myth Productions website states that you run five different DMP sites. How can you do it all and still be able to create/write?

DKM: I hear that question a lot, but I have a good size staff that helps me in all my endeavors. For Example, say this week I am focusing on Dark Myth Comics and an issue arises here at The World of Myth. Steve Bolin attends to that problem then contacts me with the result. My hat is off to all my DMP Editor in Chiefs, because they are my eyes and ears and help me run everything.

KR: What is the difference between Dark Myth Studios and Dark Myth Production Studios?

DKM: Hmmm… How to explain this? At one point in time I owned several companies: M.E.I. (Montoya Entertainment, Inc.), Dark Myth Productions and Danx On-line Entertainment. I merged all of them together under one license and that company's name is Dark Myth Production Studios. It is the corporate level of the company. Everything is a subsidiary to Dark Myth Production Studios.

KR: What types of things are you working on? Comics, movies, books etc.?

DKM: What all am I working on? Let’s see, I am writing the third and final piece of The End which I plan to have out as a novel. I’m Co-Writing a comic book titled SmasH, as well as doing a solo comic named Sgt. Iron. I’m hoping by the end of this year to start a new novel which will be a Western, but a lot of things have to happen before that can start.

KR: Why did you change the look of the magazine?

DKM: The main reason I had the look of the magazine changed was a part of the overall change for the e-zine itself. Not only was there a new look to the site, there was a new Editor in Chief, new staff, new sections. You see, not only did the appearance change, it was the entire magazine.

Thanks for your questions Kyle. I hope that I was able to clear everything up for you.

MM: It does my evil heart good to have Kyle in the dungeon for this interview. He’s done a good job of working Dave over. Now then Kyle, watch as I show you what the ‘Myth Master’ is truly capable of. All you younger children may want to look away from what is about to happen to our ‘honored interviewee.’

Dave, as the owner of this website what is your proudest achievement thus far?

DKM: There are two, actually. First is the fact that we are still around after three plus years of publication. Anyone who is into e-zines, either reading or contributing, knows that a site which can remain functioning after only a few months is something to be happy about. So imagine my excitement as we approach our 40th issue.

The second thing is when we hit three thousand one hundred visitors in one month. I actually didn’t believe it at first, I checked four or five times to confirm the numbers. That was truly when I sat back and said that my little online magazine has become more then I had ever thought it could be.

MM: What plans do you hope to develop for this site in the future?

DKM: It’s no secret; we are looking into developing a premium version of The World of Myth. The idea is to improve the concept of TWoM from where it is now and take it up a notch. For example, one of the ideas is to implement an entry fee for the contributors so that whoever wins MOM for that issue would win the total amount of money collected from all the entry fees. That could be some serious cash! Another thing that we are looking to amend is assigning a winner for each category: Writing, Poetry, and Artwork! This way we could have more winners.

There are still more details to be worked out, like are we going to have other columns or would that remain on The World of Myth as an exclusive. But, the construction of the site has already begun and hopefully will go live by the end of summer this year.

MM: You say that you work as a Critical Care Technician. Does this job inspire your works?

DKM: NO. I write to take my mind off of my “Day Job.” You see, as a Critical Care Technician, I work in I.C.U. (the Intensive Care Unit) and what I see on a day to day basis is something darker than anyone could write about. Most of our patients are victims of severe heart attacks, strokes or some type of organ failure and are incubated (on life support).

Many of these people in the I.C.U are not likely to get better and go home. Rather, they are often wheeled out on a stretcher on their way to the morgue. But, the most disturbing thing about it is that it’s real life.

Sorry, got off on a tangent. Next question?

MM: Favorite Book – Ever.

DKM: This is a tricky question. You see, although Stephen King's The Stand may be my all time favorite book, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, may perhaps be the most influential book I have ever read. I remember that, in High School, I was assigned to read it, then construct a report on what I felt was the dominate factor of the tale, whether it was the fantasy or the political value.

I put it off as long as I could, but I knew that eventually I would have to read it. The way the teacher made her assignments were done in such a way that you’d have to read the book. You couldn’t go to B.Dalton’s and pick up a copy of the summarized version.

So, I found myself a few days away from the report being due. I knew my time of procrastination was over so I sat down and read the book. The key word in that last sentence was “sat down.” I read the entire book, all 33,000 words in one sitting. I ended up keeping that book even after I was out of school, but sadly it was lost when my family and I moved halfway across the country. Just recently, I received a new copy from a good friend of mine as a birthday present.

MM: Your thoughts on religion?

DKM: This is a very taboo question, but I have an answer for you. I think being in the medical profession for over a decade has given me a different perspective on life. I really respect it and understand that it is the one and only thing that has any real relevance in this world of ours. The idea of religion is the continuation of this most precious thing: life. Without that we are nothing, right? Who wants to say that after we pass, that’s it, we’re done? Certainly not me.

The ideology of religion is the step we must take in order to make it to the afterlife of our liking. It doesn’t matter what religion that is. Do well and be good in your current state of life and you’ll be rewarded in the next step. I respect everyone’s individual religion because in the end, we are all trying to reach the same place.

MM: And now Dave, this might get a bit uncomfortable. Oh, but that’s what makes this job so much fun!! Your appearance is that of a loving husband and father, but what is your opinion of yourself?

DKM: I'd say first and foremost I'm a dreamer. I'm someone who wants to do what I love doing, which is writing and creating on a full-time basis, even though the odds are against me. The thought of just being the Average Joe frightens me to no end.

I want to be me the person who achieved his dreams and hopefully, along the way, help other people accomplish their own dream as well. I want to be someone who will leave his mark on the world at large and, if I'm lucky, perhaps be remembered even after I'm gone.

MM: Do you sometimes find it hard to clear your mind of a horrific story you’ve dreamed up?

DKM: Good Lord, yes. It will be with me until I write it down. There have been times where I couldn't get to sleep until I got up and wrote the first draft of a story. It's like a little voice in your brain saying, "Come on, write my story; you know you want to." Yeah, I know that sounded a bit neurotic. [Laughs]

Best example is a story I wrote some time back. Originally it was inspired from a newspaper article I read and I remember thinking, "Wow! That would be an awesome story to write, especially if I were to tweak the real life ending and have her to do XYZ instead." Well, for some reason I didn't have a chance to write the story that day, but it was on my mind, even when I went to sleep.

The entire story then played out in my dream; it was like I was in a movie theater watching a film. As soon as it ended, it was like BAM! I was awake and knew instantly then I had to write that story. Although I did not have a definite end to the dream, I was about to create the first draft in about twenty minutes. That was an extreme scenario, but you can see how ideas stick with me.

MM: When you are writing, do you get into character? Even the evil ones?

DKM: No. The way I see my stories are in the form of a movie. I just write what I'm watching in my head. So I am never an actual character in my stories. It was only a few years ago a good friend of mine, former Editor in Chief, Terry D. Scheerer, taught me to turn the camera in my head so I'm looking out of the main character's eyes. The best way to describe it is like playing a Role Playing Video Game; you're looking through the person's eyes but it's not you as the person.

MM: Let us say you have written a darker piece, do you somehow feel ‘tainted’ afterwards?

DKM: No. I only feel tainted when I write something warm and fuzzy. [Laughs] Which is never.

MM: Zombie or Ghost?

DKM: [Laughs hysterically for a few seconds] Oh, oh, that's funny. Zombies, of course. I like the idea of zombies; it taps into my own personal fears of dying. But, I must confess that my deep interest did not truly start until I started writing my story, The End. I mean I had an average knowledge of zombies by watching the John A. Russo Of the Living Dead series.

I studied George A. Romero zombies, I personally liked them the best – they were more horrific and not overly humorous like Russo's version. I ended up buying all of "Of the Dead" movies for my own personal collection. However that was not what I wanted my zombies to be like. I wanted to tap into my own fears and take it one step deeper. What if you were a zombie, but weren't dead?

I found out that there was actually a third type of zombie, closer to what I was wanting. Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's version was almost dead on to what I was looking for; the more I studied them the more I developed a following for them.

MM: Do you believe in ‘otherworldly’ forces?

DKM: I think that "I am interested in otherworldly forces," would be a more appropriate statement. When I hear the word Otherworldly I think of the X-Files TV show. It's great fiction, the conspiracy and the unknown – who isn't interested in that? But believe might be a skosh bit too strong of a word.

MM: Imagine that you could be any character from any story you have ever written. Who? Why?

DKM: I would have to say Lucas, the main character of The End; he's the only character I have ever written who is a clear-cut hero. He may have made some mistakes in his decisions during the book, but that's the beauty of it; that although Lucas is a hero, he is still a human being capable of error. It creates a more realistic feeling allowing not only me but anyone who is reading the story to connect with him on that level.

I would not want to go through the things that he had to endure during the story, but who wouldn't want to be a hero?

MM: I could do this all night! Yet, if I don’t let Dave go then I can’t have another ‘fresh’ victim in the seat. What a dilemma.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers before you are released?

DKM: First and foremost I want to thank the readers. I know I have said this many times, but please know that I mean every word. Without you guys The World of Myth would be nothing! Next I want to thank Kyle for assisting the Myth Master with this interview and of course thank you, Kevin, for your great questions; they were cleverly crafted.

Finally, I would like to say “Thank You” to everyone that followed The End for the last three years. It was an amazing run, but know this: it's not over! I have plans for putting out the novelized version in the future which will contain Story: Three. This picks up right where the story ended on TWoM. There is one last adventure they all must experience now that they are in Haven. There will also be other chapters which were removed from the internet version that will be reinserted for the book. I could go on – there are plans for a comic mini-series and someday even a sequel.

Okay, I'm done blabbing – thanks again for having me.

Ummm… okay, I answered your questions, now will you undo the straps? I have a board meeting to get to.

MM: *SIGH* Well readers, until my dungeon ensnares another victim I shall have to keep my tools and teeth sharpened in eager anticipation. If you would like to see anyone on this site grilled, by all means send me your requests to me via the e-mail provided on the Welcome Page.

Until next time,

Kevin ‘Myth Master’ Adams

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