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Book Reviews
By Jezzy Wolfe

TITLE:Fried Fast Foods, Slow Deaths. A Graveside Tales Anthology
Author: Various Authors

One word adequately sums up the first published book from Graveside Tales Press:


See, I have a bad habit of snacking as I read. But when I dug in to this collection of amusingly unsettling stories, I completely lost my appetite. In a good way. In fact, I’m half tempted to extol its effectiveness as a dietary aid, but the average diet is not nearly so enjoyable. Or nauseating.

Fried is the collaborative effort of twenty three writers and seven artists. The colorfully vivid cover is an ominous portent for what awaits you inside its pages. The common denominator is anything fast food related, and the ensemble runs the gamut from zombie delicacies to child-hungry playgrounds and everything in between. No food was safe--burgers, seafood… even the usually health conscious vegetarian cuisine has a darker, ickier side.

The book’s striking visuals are a definite plus for anyone who craves eye candy with their fiction. On the cover, bathed in the garish glow of a neon roadside sign, sits a seedy diner crowned with a menacing creature rather than the familiar fat boy holding a hamburger. Inside, every story is announced with its own unique illustration. I’m not talking half-witted scribbles. These are bold images that make as much an impact as the horrific tales they accompany, and there are 5 news articles scattered throughout that successfully add to the whimsy. Even the table of contents is clever--a greasy Diner menu complete with prices that double as page numbers.

The editors, Joel A. Sutherland and Colleen Morris, have done a bang-up job putting together a strong anthology of original terror that will appeal to everyone’s taste buds. I didn’t see one single error anywhere in the text or format, and the selection of stories is impressive. From gory to psychological horror, this book will engross anyone that dares to dive into its dark pages.

I could mention every single contributor by name and what I personally loved about each story, but that would take up A LOT of your time. So I highly recommend you decide for yourself. Get a copy of this book (and a huge bottle of Pepto Bismal) and prepare to be consumed. Just don’t forget what they say…

Too much fast food will kill you.

Stories included are:

Meat Drippings by D.L.Snell
Bad Fish by Gregg Winkler
Station 19 by Michael Josef
Red, Yellow, and Green by Christopher J. Dwyer
The Drain by Michael Hultquist
Veggie Burger by Bret Jordan
Sugar Pie, Honey Pie by Shanna Germain
Something in the Water by H.F. Gibbard
An Army Marches On Its Stomach by Andy Kirby
The Applicant by Kevin Lightburn
Clipped by Jodi Lee
The FNG by James Patrick Cobb
The Playspace by Cody Goodfellow
Take Away by Rodney J. Smith
A Bad Case Of The Meat Sweats by Stephen Leclerc
Shift Change by David Dunwoody
Meat by Lisa Becker
Snailwart by MP Johnson
Comfort Food by Cheryl Rainfield
Lunchtime at the Justice Café by Ken Goldman
Happinex by KJ Kabza
The Bocan by Joel A. Sutherland
Feeding Frenzy by Matt Hults

Cover art by Bret Jordan

Interior illustrations by Collin Burton, Stephen Blundell, Matt Hults, Steve Lines, Mark Girondi, Bret Jordan, and Jesus Riddle Morales

©2008 Graveside Tales

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