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TITLE:Trust the Night
Author: Sara Saint John

Reprinted with author and original reviewer’s permission.

There’s a murderer stalking the women of Oklahoma City and Homicide Detective Beth Andrews has been given the job of bringing the modern day ‘Jack the Ripper’ to justice. Having been the victim of abuse by her vicious ex-husband, she’s convinced that this new killer is the worst kind of abuser of women. Since she survived her own abusive experience, she’s committed to learning his identity and determined to catch this brutal killer. Her one and only goal is to keep the women of the city alive, even if she has to risk her own life to do so. When’s she’s ‘saddled’ with Sam, a profiler, she’s at first annoyed, then intrigued and ultimately aroused. She may spend her day hunting a killer, but by night she and Sam are getting more intimately acquainted.

Sam Jordan is a criminal psychologist assigned to assist in bringing this new killer to justice, and he knows at their first meeting that Beth isn’t thrilled by his ‘interference’ in her case. He also knows that he’s two things she doesn’t trust in the least…a ‘shrink’ and a man. What Beth doesn’t know is that normal guns and ammo used in defense won’t bring this unique and scary killer down. That she and any other police officer in the city won’t be able to defend themselves against this one-of-a-kind killer, because Sam is convinced that the killer is a vampire. He figures that he is the only one capable of dealing with a vampire. After all it takes a vampire to fight a vampire and he’s been chasing after Jack the Ripper for longer than Beth has been alive.

Trust the Night is a very well written and plotted paranormal romantic suspense. In this engaging contemporary story, the author does a wonderful job of integrating the truth and fiction revolving around the legendary Whitechapel killer, Jack the Ripper, to a present day serial killer. That she brought a character out of history into a modern story by changing the madman into a vampire killer was nothing short of genius, and something I wasn’t expecting. Then she uses great vivid descriptions to hook the reader and drag them into the story, not with just the locale but the history and emotions of the characters. Add in ‘Jack’ targeting Beth for death and Sam’s determination to keep her alive and you have a truly great suspense element, culminating in a fiery ending.

Ms. Saint John has created two primary characters that almost leap off the page and scream “I’m real”, making it easy to take their individual feelings to heart and care about what happens to them. The fact that Beth has been through a previous abusive relationship gave her a unique and personal reason for working so hard to bring a killer to justice, and it also explained why she was so reluctant to let a man get close to her. She’s everything you’d expect; attractive, dedicated, hardworking, focused and more than a little obsessed. Sam, on the other hand, is more laid back, intense, passionate, friendly and easy going and very dangerous, which is to be expected considering he’s a vampire. He’s had his own emotional turmoil in life that has made him into the man he is; from being changed into a vampire against his will to the death of the wife he loved. Both of our characters have a great deal of baggage to deal with which adds great depth and angst to the story.

I appreciated that the author allowed our main characters the chance to get to know each other before they took the step of jumping into bed with each other. Their physical relationship, while blistering hot and intense, is never gratuitous or overdone, always fitting nicely into the well-plotted and paced plotline. These two, while having problems, are still perfect for each other and the biggest obstacle to their potential future happiness is whether Beth can handle the fact her lover drinks blood to survive.

Trust the Night
Book Title: Trust the Night
Author: Sara Saint John
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 1-59998-913-1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Original Review by:Literary Nymph Reviewer: Mystical Nymph

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