Interview with NEW Chairman, President and CFO Mario Martinez.

By: C.W. Winters

TWoM: In the last two years you have moved up the Dark Myth Corporation ladder faster than anyone in this company's history. What was the journey to the top like for you?

MM: To be honest, very, very surprising. For the people who may not know, I originally signed on to be the Print Production Coordinator for Dark Myth Comics. Mr. Montoya and I clicked, one thing lead to another and I became the Editor in Chief for Dark Myth Comics, and now two years later, here I am doing this interview as the President and CFO of Dark Myth Production Studios.

TWoM:As the new chairman and president, what do you believe will be your biggest power move?

MM: I do not make power moves. I make smart business decisions that will benefit the company. And for the record, I do not, and I repeat, do not make any decisions without first running it by Mr.Montoya and the rest of the Board of Directors. You may ask why I have all this power... RESPECT!

TWoM: It's no secret that you loved your job as the Editor in Chief of Dark Myth Comics. Was it hard for you to become the CFO?

MM: Yes, it was. Remember, when I first became Editor in Chief there was only one comic that was even scheduled to be published. One year later Dark Myth Comics has six titles, and three of them are being illustrated as we speak.

TWoM:When you compare yourself to the former chairman and president, what do you think will be the biggest difference now that you have that position?

MM: There will not be any. As I said, I do not make any decisions without first consulting Mr. Montoya. He and I work very closely within the business, and he knows that I will not do anything to jeopardize the company. I am very loyal to him and the company, as well as all the contractors.

TWoM: You have not even officially started your new job, yet you have already received flak from employees. In fact, I have heard some have even quit--why is that?

MM: To be honest, I do not know and I do not care. It will be their loss. I do not want people who are part of the company who cannot be loyal. Mr. Montoya has created a great magazine and company, and people bail when there is a change. F#$& 'em.

TWoM: Let's talk about administration. The company policy states that because you are the new chairman and president, you can select not only a board of directors, but a new administration staff as well. My question is, did you pick new people for everything or did you keep it the same?

MM: I have a whole new staff, with the exception of Mr. Scheerer. I wanted Mr. Scheerer to stay because he helped create this business and make it what it is today. I respect Mr. Scheerer too much as a person and a man not to keep him aboard and help me keep the company growing.

TWoM: What do you think is going to be your biggest change now that you are running the show?

MM: Honestly, I do not want change. I want the company to expand into the potential I know it can. We at Dark Myth Production Studios just have to fine tune some things.

TWoM:Okay, there is no easy way to ask this question, so I will come out and ask- what was your involvement in the cancellation of Horrotica magazine?

MM: There is no easy way to answer... NOT A DAMN THING. Straight up. I found out through a text message. (*Laughs*)

TWoM: As the new chairman, President and CFO, what is your biggest concern with Dark Myth as a whole?

MM: My biggest concern would be to let down the fans and Mr. Montoya.

TWoM: I've heard you followed The World of Myth before you were ever involved with the company. What are your thoughts about the magazine?

MM: Very well put together. Mr. Bolin did a great job and his talents will be missed. I see it as one of the top magazines in the country with all the new columns that will be added. No, do not ask, What new columns? I will just say this--it will have something for everyone, and I mean everyone.

TWoM: All right, that last question was the lead up for this question. We all now know that The World of Myth is leaving the World Wide Web and going into print under the new title, 2M magazine. Some people are happy about this change, but quite a few are equally upset. My question to you is, are you responsible for this transition?

MM: Yes and no. I knew Mr. Montoya had some new ideas for the magazine which we discussed. And I helped pull the trigger on them.

TWoM: Can you give some examples on that?

MM: Well, Mr. Montoya and I were sitting around at work one night reading a copy of Wizard and Dave had a thought: why can't we print out a magazine like this? And I opened my mouth and said, 'we can', and here we are working on an in-print magazine. And that's all I am allowed to say at this point. Now you must wait.

TWoM: What do you say to the people, contributors, as well as the readers of the The World of Myth?

MM: Get ready! 2009 is going to be a big year.

TWoM: What will be you first official act as chairman and President?

MM: I need a board of directors. Right now that is my only concern. Surround the company and myself with motivated hard working people.

TWoM: Okay, what are you looking forward to the most about your job?

MM: Making all the doubters eat their words and all the people that quit regret it. Hey, you asked. I am being honest. If you cannot tell, I am very blunt.

TWoM: First, I want to thank you for taking a little time out of your busy schedule, and before we go is there anything you would like to talk about that we did not cover?

MM: Thank you for allowing me to clear the air, and the honor of doing this interview. Nothing else that I want anyone to know about just yet. Like I said before, get ready.

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