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  • Welcome to the 44th issue of The World of Myth.

    The winners for the TWoM Anthology give away this month are Todd Gordon and Cathy Hamm.  These winners need only to write in to me ( from their qualifying e-mail address and claim their prize before January 15, 2011.  Please include a valid, U.S. Mailing address, with your claim so that we can ship your prize.

    Halloween is a time of celebration and here at TWoM, we want to make it special. To kick things off, we present our new logo and return to the black-on-white background format favored by so many of our long time readers. And it isn’t just our look that is new and improved. We have some exciting news to share with both readers and contributors.

    On behalf of Dark Myth Production Studios, I am proud to present our authors and artists with the opportunity to receive compensation for their contributions. Organized in a contest style format, readers have the opportunity to vote for every story, poem, or art in an issue. The winner of each category will be determined by your votes. This is a first in TWoM history! For more information on the details, contributors can check out the updated Submission Guidelines.

    And don’t think we’ve forgotten about our readers! We have a surprise for you as well. Each reader who has subscribed to our magazine will be automatically entered in a drawing for a free copy of our best selling The World of Myth Anthology. Until further notice, each magazine issue will give two random members a gift certificate for one free copy of a book in our Myth-Mart, with postage included when shipped in the USA.

    Since video games are frequently published in the same genres covered here, we’re experimenting with a new Game Review column in this issue. Also, notice that we’ve returned the Author Search function and the Archives for stories, poems, art, and columns. We have other plans in the works for the future but those are surprises that must wait for now.

    In the mean time, satisfy yourselves on the tasty morsels within these pages.

    Horror finds T.G. Browning’s Halloween, a dialogue driven tale about two partygoers who celebrate the holiday in their own unique way. I offer up Circle of Revenge, a story which proposes that if a little revenge is good, more is even better.

    We bring you another new section, in the genre of Science Fiction. Here, John Miller brings us The Spider-Men, a man’s narrative about his unforgettable experience with aliens. Robin Martinez writes On Bloody Ground, our feature story this issue, which concerns a young woman held prisoner in a military post as she awaits death and the fulfillment of a harrowing mission.

    Our Fantasy section presents Terry Scheerer’s All That Glitters, a tale of thieves and magical deception.

    The Humor section teaches that looks can be misleading with David K. Montoya’s Trick or Treat.

    Action/Adventure dares you to re-define reality with R.J. Newlyn’s End of Days, a story that practically demands to be read twice.

    Poetry displays two of our TWoM staff members. Edgar Ahlberg, our Associate Editor, gives a nod of appreciation to the fairer sex in The Wild One while our Circulation Manager, Theresa Newbill, brings us Gilded by Forbidden Love, a poem that reads “like ghostly leaves fallen into sacrifice.”

    The Art department displays its craft as Mauricio Roldan sketches a pair of gorgeous black and white illustrations, Angel and God of the Sea. Whitney Mattila graces the cover of this issue with CatDragon, a humorous twist on the classic fantasy illustration. Finally, Jesse Lindsay offers Two, a dark piece of eye candy that demands more than a single glance.

    Our columnists aren’t slacking off either. The lady Madeline Usher shares her experience of Dark Matters, a book of poetry, by Bruce Boston in her Book Review column. She somehow manages this while avoiding her maniacal brother. Also, the nefarious Myth Master has arisen from the grave and returns to torturing answers from helpless victims for the delight of his blood thirsty readers. Alan Russo, the new DMP owner, is the first victim in his Interview column.

    Reaper Rick continues his demented ranting in the Movie Review column. He has a long list of Halloween favorites, so be sure to stop by and check out his “must see” list. In writing his first column of Game Reviews, A Grue chronicles the unforgettable game of SkiFree and the frightening impact it has had on his life.

    In other news, Dark Myth Publications is proud to announce that The World of Myth Anthology – Volume 2 will soon grace our Myth Mart store. A collection of 15 stories, each written by a different author, our TWoM Anthology –Volume 2 is a must have book for every serious TWoM reader. We will post updates in future issues as publication draws near.

    Don’t forget to vote for each story you read and leave the authors feedback on the forum. Remember, our writers, poets, and artists are counting on you! Also, be sure that you’ve subscribed for membership because only members are eligible for the drawing. Be sure to check back here in November, when we announce the two winners. And speaking of winners, congratulations to Sara Saint John for winning the September Member of the Month Award!

    We hope you enjoy our magazine. Thanks for reading.

    Steve Bolin
    Editor in Chief

    Story of the Month

    An icy wind blows through the barred window of my cell. I get up from the hard wooden bench with a wince and limp over to the small opening. The bleak white sky casts no shadow on the walls or ground outside... Click Here for Robin L. Martínez's On Bloody Ground
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