Interview with Lawrence Alan Russo Jr.

Foolish mortals.

Myth: A traditional or legendary story, usually concerning a place or being, often taken to be a completely truthful account; usually of how phenomena or unexplained events and or unusual creatures and said beings came to be. Even though that existence may be fictional or totally unproven, most superstitious folk still consider the possibility of that “myth” indeed being factual.

Master: A conscious entity with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something. Someone eminently skilled in something, such as an occupation. A victor or conqueror that exudes mastery and dominance over his craft.

First off, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. You were never safe, because you cannot snuff out true evil.

Second, I can no longer watch as your pitiful existences continue. I have returned to this realm because I have been summoned by the need to provide readers with the kind of answers that only I can deliver.

Having watched a cruel and horribly normal interview occur at the hands of whoever dared pose as the one true inquisitor of myth, I was royally irritated. I decided to strike a sinister deal with the dark forces of the universe. I promised to return and not only continue to deliver the quality torturing of hapless souls, but I shall ensure that their suffering will be optimal and entertaining.

However, my lair was destroyed and I will never again be bound to just one location, and no longer required to lure my pathetic sufferers. Instead, I am free to hunt them down like the fully exposed prey that they are.

Accept no substitutes!

Only the best of death, demise, and uncomfortably probing questions!

Attempt to prepare your minds for the warped and twisted being that is the one and only true…


No one shall ever be exempt from my bony clutches, and to prove it I shall molest my newest victim in ways that may make some of you cringe and others giggle with delight.

Henceforth, let us begin anew.

It all starts with the man attempting to pump ‘New Blood’ back into the living, breathing internet horror masterpiece that is… THE WORLD OF MYTH.

My newest victim is none other than Alan Russo.

I descend from on high, as if from the misty clouds. As I loom closer to my target, I can’t help but indulge my mind as it races through the many various ways to torture my next victim both mentally and physically. It has been far too long since I have practiced my craft, I can only hope that my eagerness is rewarded with a worthy quarry.

Shrouded in my dark interrogrator's cloak, I finally see what I have searched longingly for; slowly my cowl is pulled back to reveal my soulless questioning eyes. My examination of this man and what makes him tick begins.

My maniacal laughter is the only thing my latest victim will remember hearing before his life is forever changed.

MM: Hello Alan, I’m here to interrogate you for the amusement of our insatiable readers. There is no need to resist me, because I’ll enjoy it, you’ll die faster and I can’t have that. I’m sure you’ll see how I have lovingly dangled your body over a tank of pet piranhas and they are so very hungry.

MM: You are obviously a lover of horror; please tell us of your upcoming thriller due out next year.

AR: Typhoeus is the movie we are currently working on. It comes from the incredibly warped mind of Justin Sommers, who approached me with the idea sometime last year. The movie itself revolves around a man named David Russo (yes really, the last name is Russo). Some years back, when he was in his teens, he witnessed a horrific murder of his best friend. Now jumping into the future, Dave is a homicide detective and the current case he is working is leading him back to that horrific night his friend was slaughtered.

Typhoeus will be a twisted mental experience you won’t forget anytime soon, as it not only has a very real police element to it, but has an equal mixture of the supernatural thrown into the mix.

MM: What, in your opinion, is a good recipe for a horror/thriller film?

AR: There is an ‘actual’ formula we use here at The New Blood Films Company when creating a plot for a horror film. First there has to be a hero and villain, also there has to be clues that are purposely wrong to throw the movie-goer off. Of course, there need to be about 200 gallons of blood mixed in as well... oh, and severed body parts is also a plus when making a movie.

MM: Speaking of severed body parts, please meet my good friend Mr. Chainsaw. He seems to be really interested in your left leg. Oh, isn’t that cute? He’s cutting through your leg like a turkey carver. Just look how happy my piranhas are to see your leg too. I’m almost too emotional to continue. Not.

AR: As I have gotten older, there is one thing I have realized is more important for a film than any visuals and that is a good script. As long as the story is great then everything just falls along with it.

MM: Tell us about some of the products you have planned for The World of Myth as I liberate your left arm from your body.

AR: Okay, there are plans to be a second The World of Myth Anthology. Chris, the new Dark Myth President is working out the legal’s on that. What else... Oh and for 2011, The World of Myth Calendar! That was one of Dave’s best products and I have no clue why he got rid of it. But that really doesn’t matter because I’m bringing it back!

I know that it doesn’t directly involve this magazine but we are starting a remodel of the Myth Mart. As soon as it opens from then on out, there will be lots of other non Dark Myth products available there – perhaps your favorite Koontz or King novel, you never know. We are working out the legal’s on that as well.

MM: What are your future plans/goals for The World of Myth?

AR: Dude, I’m in business and that means I want to make money for not only myself but for every hard working person, writer, artist that gets on here. I want to bring in advertisers, I want to bring in the numbers like they were before Dave went off on that bad 2M idea. I want The World of Myth to be the best online magazine on the web! That’s why I wanted Steve back on the job; he’s the guy I know will be able to deliver.

In concerns to plans, I hand everything over to Steve Bolin and his staff of professionals. I have no bloody clue how to run a magazine. So go out there and do me proud!

MM: What would you say to convince our hard-core fans to return and perhaps entice new fans as well?

AR: Let’s face it, The World of Myth is the magazine that re-launched the e-zine wars that currently rage on to this day. I remember six years ago when Dave told me about his new idea to make an online magazine that involved participation from everyone, where an unpublished creator could go and present their works to the public and gain valuable feedback from not only the readers but other creators as well.

That vision has been blurred over the years, but I promise that vision is back! It’s not about greedy writers wanting to make a buck or an artist with an over inflated ego wanting royalties. It’s about establishing a home for unpublished creators so they can turn what raw talent they may have into a shining, flourished ability while we entertain the great people who continue coming back issue after issue.

For the possible newcomers. I challenge you to go through everything we have to offer in this magazine from our current issue to our archives, and if you don’t find one thing that appeals to you then walk away. Go to that other website that claim they’re the best but the webmaster doesn’t even know how to do HTML. You know who you are.

MM: Aside from web driven publicity, are there any plans to promote the site and its 'undiscovered' talent?

AR: I think the circulation of The World of Myth themed products, with a top five listing with Google and Yahoo search engines, plus a direct social network link with Facebook, Myspace and Twitter should be efficient for publicity.

MM: A lot of people were turned off by the fact that our site expected them to 'pay' for current issues. How will you combat this problem in the issues that are coming out?

AR: If Steve wants to try other avenues of bringing higher numbers to the magazine then I back him 100%, but as for myself I feel I have exhausted all my abilities on this.

MM: What special ability do you feel you bring to this site that will help it succeed?

AR: I have the banking account to keep it operational. LOL!

MM: So you won’t be needing this other leg then? Good.

MM: Would The New Blood Film Company ever consider making some of the 'shorts' from the site into movies?

AR: I never really thought about that. Perhaps I need to go through and read your horror stuff and see what could be adapted to film. Thanks Myth Master, you may have led me into something new!

MM: Yes Alan, I’m good like that. I have also discovered that you are still alive despite losing three limbs; you are quite resilient. What a great delight it is that you’re just ‘dying’ to spill out your answers and your guts to answer my questions!

MM: Anything else that you would like to add?

AR: Yeah, actually I have a lot left to say Myth Master.

MM: That’s only because Mr. Chainsaw is out of gas.

AR: First, I am currently learning the “ins and outs” of the publishing business and know I have a lot to learn. That is why I named my good friend Chris Glumm as the new President of Dark Myth. He has a stronger understanding of the publishing business.

Second, I would say that Dave Montoya is a good friend and I have known him for over ten years. I hope his own health gets better, you know? Terry Scheerer is someone whom I only recently started talking to; he seems like a neat guy. He was supposed to return as the President, but he said he was too ill to do so. Honoring my contract with Dave and keeping one board member, I had to go to the next person in line. Luckily enough, Chris was that person.

Lastly, the next products planned to come out of Dark Myth Publications are two books written by Dave Montoya and edited by their new Editor in Chief Kyle Dobbs. And... that be all Myth Master.

MM: Yes it will – for you anyway. This knife will sever the rope that is holding you up and preventing my piranhas from finishing ‘dinner.’

Let this be a somber warning to all my future victims. All of you who find yourself in my presence shall know true and absolute fear. I will not rest, I will find you, torture you with a furious vengeance and our readers will love me for it.

Kevin ‘Myth Master’ Adams

About the Columnist

The true origin of the Myth Master is unknown.  Popular theory suggests he was once human, over 1,500 years old, when he learned the secret of immortality in the ancient tome of the Necronomicon.  He currently stalks unsuspecting victims in the hopes of obtaining “entertaining” interviews for his column.
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