Interview with Rebecca C. Lofgren

Rebecca C. Lofgren is a published writer, poet and artist. She started writing and drawing at a young age, as a direct influence from her oldest brother.� Rebecca was one of the original contributors before The World of Myth changed direction to become what it is today. A former student of film, today she has changed majors and is now almost finished with her degree in Art.

In 2006, her book �Book of Dreams� was released and received moderate success in the US, but would find a larger fan base in the overseas market such as, England, France and Spain. Today, she is working on the follow-up to her book of dream called, �Requiem of Dreams,� due out sometime this year. She has also had her rounds in business when, in 2002, she became Chairperson of Dark Myth (which was known as New Myth Entertainment back then) for a year, then in 2004 she was General Manager of New Wave Comix for a couple of years. Rebecca currently lives in Santa Clara, California with her fianc� Chris, where she continues her education in art and from time to time still drops by The World of Myth as a contributor.

Now, She finds herself in the hands of the most skilled, evil maniac ever known... the one and only... MYTH MASTER!

MM: As a original contributor to TWoM, have you seen it further your writing skills or career any?

RCL: I feel that it has. The more you use it, the better you get.

MM: Is writing for a younger demographic (as young as 13) difficult when trying to craft a quality horror story?

RCL: I think so. You have to constantly keep in mind what would and wouldn�t be appropriate. I forget to be appropriate sometimes � lol.

MM: What would you most like to see happen on TWoM?

RCL: I would really love for The World of Myth to take off on a major scale. Also, I would like to see a photography section, I think it is an important art form and would love to see it featured.

MM: Greatest fear?

RCL: To die alone, never having accomplished any of my greatest dreams.

MM: So, leaving you tied to this chair at the end of the interview, in this small room... all alone... would stink?

MM: You haven�t always agreed with the directions or changes that TWoM has taken, please enlighten us.

RCL: It�s mostly just design stuff and I�ll just leave it at that.

MM: What is your opinion of TWoM charging a subscription fee for its entertainment?

RCL: I feel that if they ever charged, there would need to be a lot more content. But I have nothing against keeping it free.

MM: I, of course, have never charged for my �services�.

MM: Have you ever written for any other on-line website and, if so, what do they do that TWoM could improve upon?

RCL: I have never written for other websites but I have posted some of my stuff to Deviant and Elfwood. They have a lot of contributors and I think that TWoM could use some more.

MM: Advice for budding writers? Aside from not interviewing with me?

RCL: Keep at it and don�t give up; writing can be really frustrating at times. Also, remember to have others read it and then give you feedback.

MM: Anything else you�d like to share before I turn you into a puddle of goo by dousing you with acid?

RCL: I absolutely love sushi, and I wish I could eat it every day � LOL!

MM: That�s a great answer.� Now open wide!

MM: Prepare yourselves mortals! My next interview could always be my messiest yet.� Come back next issue to see if that�s the case!

About the Author

The true origin of the Myth Master is unknown. Popular theory suggests he was once human, over 1,500 years old, when he learned the secret of immortality in the ancient tome of the Necronomicon. He currently stalks unsuspecting victims in the hopes of obtaining �entertaining� interviews for his column.
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